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Right now, Instagram can easily be stated as your social media juggernaut. Most websites can easily get benefitted just from its presence on the platform. Without an IG account, there are high chances that you might lose out on some of the most promising and potential leads. The issue over here is that it can always be a hassle to actually re-post all IG content to WP, mainly when you are trying to update the site more often. Fortunately, there is a solution for that with WordPress being so flexible. By just using the right tools, you can always automate the procedure of sharing IG content on the website for something new. It means there is no need to copy content over manually each time whenever you are posting something new. Here, you first have to learn more about the upsides of just adding IG with WP. After that, you will come to learn about ways to get this job covered.

Reasons to integrate WP with IG:

There are so many ways for integrating WP with IG, and it solely depends on what you have accomplished so far. If you want, you can easily display IG feed on site. Another option in this regard is just to turn the latest pictures into posts, which can be published quite automatically. There are some straightforward benefits involved with this kind of integration.

  • You can always use this platform for growing the other. Visitors can easily be funneled back and forth between these two platforms, which will end up with the increased audience for both.
  • On the other hand, you get chance to each user that you are currently not targeting. By just adding IG account into WP, you will end up reaching out to a lot of users, who you may not be able to attract through only social media.

For example, if you are one good photographer, you might have livened up your online site with IG content. This strategy will help you to engage audiences even more and even some different types together. Keeping this point in mind, now let’s get right into the technical details, which will combine these two platforms. For the first timers, this point can be tough but then you have experts from to help you big time to achieve the results.

Ways to integrate IG with WP:

Now, it is time to check on the process in which you can easily integrate IG content with WP website. There are few ways to do that primarily. One of them requires a plugin and the other one will take help of an external tool.

Add IG feed to WordPress using the first option:

Adding IG feed to WP will be a great way to showcase posts. If you have any portfolio by your name and n both IG and WP, you just have to post work on IG for making it appear on the website too. For achieving this service, all you need is to use IG Feed WD Plugin. It will help you to enable IG linked up to WP with minimal labor from your side. This plugin further comes with so many layouts for integrated feed, which will again help you to gain full control over appearance.

  • To start off in this field, you have to activate and install the plugin. Here, you will come across a welcome screen, which includes informative video, dealing with many ways for you to use the plugin. Whenever you are all set to hit the market, you can just click on “start using” button, located at the top side of the screen.
  • At this present time, the IG feed WD might ask you to log in with your current IG account, which is well actively used. For that, you have to click on the “sign in with IG” button and then the plugin will auto-fill forms. When you have covered this step, it is better to click on “save changes” button.
  • Now, you have to get to the Feed WD>Feed tab, which is located on the dashboard. There, click “add new” option. Here, the plugin will ask to choose a layout for feed and then configure to its lightbox settings.
  • Once the feed is all set to go, you just have to publish it n website. There are two ways to perform that. The first one involves opening WP editor for any post or page and then click on “Add IG Feed” button. You can pick the feed to add and the plugin will generate shortcode for the same.

Though this option you can select which feed to display and set a title for the same. You have to specify the columns and images it must have. Through this plugin, you will receive amazing customization options. Therefore, if you are not happy with the initial results, you can change it. You can play with the setting as you want.

Auto-post latest IG pictures to WP as the second option:

For this type of integration, you have to configure WP so it can publish new IG pictures as automatic posts. Here, you don’t need any plugin. Instead, you have to set up an IFTTT “applet.” IFTTT is mainly known as a service, used for enabling you to link platforms. With the help of this service, you can configure actions on one account for triggering responses on the second one. For this, you need to set new IG posts using specified hashtags as a trigger and the new blog post as the same response.

You have to start by creating an IFTTT account and then connect it to IG. Then, you have to follow the same rule for a WP account. After the platforms get accounted, click on “My Applets” first, and then “services,” followed by “Instagram.” Inside the platform, you will come across multiple applets that you have the right to use.

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If you already have a  personalized IG account, half of your task is covered. Now, you can go through the two options mentioned and head for the one matching your needs the most.

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