Why NEET test series are crucial to your medical preparation?

India’s biggest medical examination NEET-UG 2019 is slated to be held on 5th May. About 15 lakh students have already registered for this esteemed paper which has seen a rise of 2 lakh students as compared to last year figures. Students right now must be busy in their board examination (in March) and probably will resume their NEET preparation after the CBSE boards.

One of the effective and proven ways to gear up their revision process for this nation-wide paper is through NEET mock test series. Highly acclaimed teachers of every coaching institute will guide you to practice enough mock tests before appearing for NEET examination. Why? Let’s quickly read why experts always suggest going through NEET test series before the exam –

How NEET Test Series can be fruitful in cracking NEET-UG 2019?

1. Enhances knowledge

If a student wishes to improve his knowledge and ability to recall information, then experts and researchers suggest regularly appearing for mock tests. It is believed that candidates who took a practice test after revision scored better than those who didn’t appear for the same. Spending your whole time in revision will not help you evaluate your knowledge.

Enhances knowledge
Enhances knowledge.

Provides a detailed analysis report

Moreover, with newly designed online test series, one can easily find a detailed analysis of their performance showcasing their areas of improvement. Knowing where you have performed well and where you need to work harder will be extremely beneficial for restructuring your exam preparations techniques. One who knows their mistakes and improves is always ahead of others. It reduces the possibility of committing the same mistakes again.


2. Savvy with the exam


Savvy Exam Time.
Savvy Exam Time

Mock tests are designed in a similar pattern as that of the actual examination which means you are going to solve 45 questions from Physics, 45 from Chemistry and 90 questions of Biology in a span of 3 hours. The marking scheme, in fact, remains the same which is +4 for correct answer and -1 for a negative response. Sitting in this exam-like situation is extremely fruitful as it already gives you the idea of what the main exam day will look like. The only difference will be the questions that you would be facing. Rest exam environment remains similar.


3. Reduces fear of exam


Reduces exam fear.
Reduces exam fear

Words like ‘exam-phobia’ or ‘exam fever’ are very common among Indian students which affects them psychologically, emotionally, and socially. Some students are capable of handling this exam fear smoothly while a major section of them fear exam. Few prime reasons behind this fear would be insufficient preparation, fear of failing, unnecessary peer or family pressure to score high marks, false irrational beliefs about oneself. Mock tests here serve the purpose of making you familiar with the exam before the exam happens, resulting in a less anxious person.

4. Motivates to revise early


Motivates to revise early.
Motivates to revise early


Mock tests should be given after the completion of your NEET syllabus which brings to the conclusion that you ought to complete your entire course before even thinking to appear for any mock tests or else it is of no use. Hence, NEET test series encourages every student to finish their exam syllabus timely so that they can practice enough mock tests. They are a great way to know what works best for you.

5. Boosts confidence

Boosts confidence for exam preparation.
Boosts confidence for exam preparation

A quintessential element during your NEET preparation is to have confidence. Nothing works without this one! Do you know the terms ‘practice’ and ‘confidence’ go hand in hand? The more you practice, the more confident you are. Solving more questions will give you a fair idea of the questions that can be framed in the paper and the right strategy to approach them in a given time. And an added advantage of giving mock tests is that it teaches time-management. The more papers you practice better are the chances of you solving the papers in time.

Important NEET test series for 2019

  • AIMTS – All India Mock Test series which has 8 chapter tests, 6 part syllabus tests, 3 cumulative and 10 full syllabus tests.
  • With just two and a half months left, NEET online test series for 3 months would do justice with your preparation as it has got 75+ chapter tests, more than 30 k adaptive practice questions, and 9 mock tests.
  • The other ones include Video Mock test series which has a unique feature of watching video solution to every question. It can be downloaded for free from the play store.



NEET Mock Test Series is incredibly important for every aspirant. They are probably your best friend which will put up the actual picture of your preparation. Not only solving test series help you improve your knowledge but also familiarize you on how to work under pressure. One of the psychological benefits of giving mock tests is that it makes you believe that exams are doable. Imbibing this in mind will automatically result in reduced stress, higher confidence and a sense of positivity. Make sure you practice enough of them. All the best for upcoming medical examination!

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