Why Is a Consumer Chat App Not the Right Platform for Your Business?

It was 16th March 2017 when the news about a bug in WhatsApp got flashed. It led to a plethora of accounts in the hands of hackers. Can you imagine the amount of trouble that might have been done had you been using WhatsApp for business communication?

No matter the size of your business, you should never share sensitive data or information through a regular messaging app. If you do this, hackers can easily access your data and screw your business. Thus, you will be putting your business at a great risk.

What’s the other way out then? The answer is, team chat apps.

Team Chat Apps

A team chat app, also known as business chat app, is a tool which is designed specifically for business communication. Also called, an enterprise chat app, it is built to have top-notch security systems like two-factor authentication like HMAC (Hash-based Message Authentication Code) encryption. These features empower the app to eliminate security threats, thereby protecting your sensitive data and information.

In today’s corporate world, business chat apps play a vital role. They allow effective communication, get the work done easily and let things go smoothly. Boosting productivity, team engagement and saving time are some of the glittering benefits that you can avail.

No doubt, normal apps like Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts and such other apps can bridge the communication gap within your organization; they actually serve as a small pastry in a big party. Features of these regular apps are not enough to combat the needs of your business communication.

Here is why you should not use regular chat apps for business communication needs.

  • Security and privacy – As mentioned above, the biggest threat with a normal app for business chat is security and privacy breach.
  • Restrictions – A consumer chatting app is not as effective and user-friendly as a team chat app for business purposes. It doesn’t allow people to communicate with a common group. There are restrictions on members to participate in the group.
  • File sharing with extensive data– With a common app you cannot share files, extensive data or your computer screen. So, it won’t work for your business.
  • Communication Error – Some apps come with several unnecessary features. So, things can get really messy. It disrupts the flow of communication.
  • Collaborating not possible – Collaborating with every member of each and every department is not possible with consumer messaging apps.
  • No corporate admin –consumer apps don’t have corporate admin portals to make ensure user management, company-wide policies, monitoring of usage, back-up, data loss prevention etc.
  • Support – When you find some features fail to work properly, quick action is required. But, you cannot get quick tech support. Only apps that are designed for business communication offer support to ensure smooth functionality.

It’s clear that consumer chat apps are not sufficient to feed the needs of your business. Why not switch to a comprehensive team chat app for your business instead?


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