Which Mistakes Should You Avoid While Preparing For GRE?

GRE is your gateway to MS degree from top-level universities in the US. Every year thousands of aspirants prepare for GRE exam but only a select few are able to score high to make to their dream university. Why is it so? In this post we’ll see some of the mistakes that are made by GRE aspirants and that cause them to score less:


Not Choosing the Right Study Material

Can you imagine succeeding in GRE without getting your hands on best GRE preparation material? No. Choosing the right study material is the first step and even if you have to some spend extra bucks to get the best study material it is worth it. Many coaching institutions offer quality material and you can also download the material from the internet.


Lack of Adequate Preparation Time

If you are a working professional who has taken a long break from studies then it may be challenging for you to get too academic studies. If you are unable to give yourself extra time, then you should not be expecting great results from yourself either.


You Have Skipped the Basics

If you are touching books after a long gap, then it may well be possible that you might have forgotten the basics. It is just the right time to rework through them so that you can attempt the fundamental questions comfortably. To this end, you should be revising fundamentals of algebra and geometry before jumping to the complex problems. If you have strong fundamentals you will be able to handle the exam well.


If you think that quant is easy!

Many of you might think that quant is easy, but you discover only after getting poor scores that it was difficult.  As compared to GMAT, quant in GRE may seem easy but, at the same time, you can hurt your score if you don’t prepare well for the exam. So work hard on quant section right from start and get great scores all the way.


Cramming Vocabulary for Verbal Section

If you are of the opinion that by cramming vocabulary you will be able to master the verbal section of GRE than you need to think again.  Undoubtedly, vocabulary is important but you can’t afford to ignore other areas of language like reading comprehension. Then you will have to study grammar as well to make sure that you are able to do sentence correction questions perfectly.


Not attempting sufficient practice tests

You have done all the hard-work and but how are you going to check that your performance is on par with the expectations? The best way is to make sure that you have appeared for the sufficient practice tests. They are the best way and the only way to measure the improvements. But will the test has any relevance if you don’t complete them in stipulated time? So you have to make sure that you are completing the test within the required time. You should be away from all restrictions. Once you have attempted the test you have to review your performance and work relentlessly on your weaknesses. Just ensure that you are practicing all the 5-sections of the test.

While attempting tests, you will have to keep these things in mind as well.

  • Losing track of time in the GRE test
  • Getting stuck on a question for long
  • Rushing through the first few questions in the GRE


In The End

If you can avoid these mistakes while in your GRE preparation, chances are that you will get success with flying colors.

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