Ways In Which Fashion Brands Can Get Truly Benefitted From Instagram

Right from the time it begins, Instagram was stated as the valuable tool for beauty and fashion brands for promoting products to targeted demographics. This platform was mainly created for sharing and even popularizing visual content, just to make them fit perfectly with the fashion industry. Some of the largest fashion brands will use social media platform for not just showing their items but also to present followers and fans with a sneak peek into a lifestyle.

For the backstage accessing pass:

Instagram has over 500 million estimated monthly users, who are active and the number keeps on growing. Most of them are using this platform on daily basis. The access to such huge user base helps in presenting fashion and beauty brands with the opportunity to build the worldwide presence. It further helps in increasing demand for products in target demographics.

There are some brands, which are clicking pictures of catwalks and other major events. After that, they are sharing the same with followers for a backstage feel. This social media platform helps in bringing exclusive access to the wider audience. That means it helps in increasing the perceived value of a brand. In so many other ways, Instagram performs the same function as that of the fashion magazine to promote fashion items alongside stories and announcements.

The common form of fashion platform:

Instagram’s popularity has now spread across the entire fashion world. Around 98% of fashion based brands are now on Instagram. If that’s not all, over 95% of all top beauty brands are on this social media platform these days. Well, the fashion and beauty brands are not the only ones using Instagram to pump up their business deals, but there are so much more. These brands are not just using this platform but their posting frequencies have also increased in a steady manner.

It has been clearly stated that beauty brands based posts have been around 42% more frequent. On the other hand, you have posts from the fashion brands becoming 17% frequent between two years, 2013 and 2015. This rate is not stagnant and expected to grow with passing year.

Proper use of videos and photos for the highest potential:

Instagram has the power to allow users to post videos and photos, which are famous mediums to gain popularity amongst the beauty and fashion brands. Some tutorial based videos, before and after effects of the makeup routine and even some fashion and beauty product events are gaining some popularity among Instagram followers of so many brands.

The Instagram platform is a perfect base for sharing some contents, bringing value to the target demographic of that particular region. It brings value heavily across multiple social media platforms and not just on Instagram. So, a promising presence in this current photo-based platform helps in complementing and benefitting other social media efforts of the said brand.

In another separate development field, beauty and fashion brands are using some help of the Instagram influencers. They are known people like Instagram models and celebrities, who have the huge fan following base across the globe. They are used by the fashion and beauty world to promote their respective brands amongst targeted demographics.

Time to explore the future of beauty and fashion industry through Instagram:

It is not hard to state that Instagram has influenced fashion and beauty worlds dramatically. It has influenced their approach towards customer advertising and relationship management. It might have been a single platform before, but this same center gives them the opportunity to interact quite directly with followers and in the easiest manner possible. For some people, the magic started when Facebook bought Instagram in 2012. No matter whatever the reason might be, the beauty of Instagram remains the same.

Always try keeping it simple:

Instagram beauty lies in simplicity. It should have a predictable and consistent format, which makes it rather easier to use and digest by the team.

  • User friendliness often forms the essence of Instagram.
  • Brands reflecting simplicity will perform great in this regard.

Going for the fashion takeover:

Social media takeover is more becoming way more popular and cooler with brands as it is a perfect way to bring audiences and give the account a fresh and personal feel.

  • There are some companies, worked with multiple bloggers over the past couple of months on Instagram takeovers.
  • You can follow the same note, which will give your channel injection of personality and warmth.
  • Here, the influencer is the one encouraging own followers to join and watch their progress. It helps them to connect well with the brand.

Influencer based marketing:

The main goal of fashion brands is to have the product featured by some of the high naming influencers. If this can work organically, it is fantastic.

  • However, most brands appreciate endorsements from bigger names online. It might cost them some bucks, but it is all for a good cause. For some details, they are cordially invited to log online and get some examples from bigger names in the market.
  • Here, the benefit of Instagram lies in its authenticity. Posts can still be made beautiful and personal with a little bit of touch from the fashion world, even when they are trying to actually feature any product.

Excellent platform for sure:

Instagram is no doubt a perfect tool for branding. However, the reputed brands have to understand and create some unique and clear strategies to work towards targeted demographic and stand out in the crowd. For example, it is highly mandatory for the beauty and regional fashion brands to create content, which will otherwise differ from international names in the market.

A careful strategy will help a brand to shine. On the other hand, if they fail to present the brand name with careful product placement, then brands have high chances of losing out on drawing a larger group of customer base instantly. No matter whatever strategy you are planning to use, it is apparent that Instagram is one best platform for the beauty and fashion industry. Not just now, but it will continue driving sales for those, planning to gather a larger following base.

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