Transform Your Website from Mediocre to Industry-Leading with These 5 Web Marketing Tips

Contrary to what many business owners and managers might think, web marketing need not be expensive. In reality, it’s actually more affordable than traditional marketing.

Research has demonstrated that content marketing, for instance, is approximately 60 percent more affordable than outbound marketing. Not to mention the fact that content marketing generates up to three times as many leads as outbound marketing. Furthermore, about 8 in 10 people prefer to learn about a company through articles instead of advertisements.

In case you’re interested in becoming an authority in your industry niche in order to boost your revenue, it is imperative that you invest in web marketing. Here, we share some web marketing tactics that can help you build a vast audience for your website.

1. Understand your audience

Cliché as it may sound, this is an important starting point. One of the most common mistakes most marketers make is believing that they know their audience when in truth, they don’t. You need to create a document outlining the personas of your current and prospective customers in order to develop a strong understanding of your audience.

If you don’t have a clear picture of your ideal audience in mind with regard to demographics—such as gender, age, job role, location, etc.—you’ll probably end up creating random content for your blog, podcast or YouTube and wasting resources.

In contrast, developing a strong profile of the typical person in your audience helps you develop powerful content that pulls them in. The best place to start is with your current followers and readers. Carry out surveys that enable you to learn about them. As a result, every piece of content you put out will be like a precision-guided munition that delivers value straight to your audience.

For example, you can respond to questions on forums such as Quora regarding problems related to your products or services. As well, you can create content centered on the solutions to these problems. You should also make a habit of keeping an eye on your competition to figure out a way of gaining an advantage over them.

Finally, make use of powerful analytics tools to learn about the behavior of your audience. There are a number of online services dedicated to providing business intelligence. Identify the top services in the industry and give them a try before committing to their premium services. Leveraging the specialized technology and staff of these services has proven useful for many successful businesses.

2. Make use of an editorial calendar

Developing an editorial calendar for all your web marketing channels such as your blog, podcast and YouTube channel is the most effective means of ensuring that your efforts are streamlined. For instance, if you have a WordPress blog, use a good editorial calendar plugin or integrate Trello or Google calendar into your site. The same goes for a YouTube channel or digital marketing podcast.

The first step would be to plan the optimal frequency of your podcast episodes or brainstorming sessions for your YouTube videos. But every idea that comes to mind on paper. You can develop your ideas by getting some inspiration from the websites of your competitors, niche forums such as Reddit, and conversations on social media.

It is also crucial to keep your content fresh, engaging and non-spammy. Avoid the rookie mistake of promoting your content too much. The key is to add value to your audience by regularly publishing content that solves the problems of your readers, listeners, and viewers.

3. Repurpose your content

One of the tricks you learn once you become more acquainted with web marketing is that you don’t always need to create new content. You can repurpose content you already have and put a fresh spin to it to tailor it for a different platform, such as YouTube videos or podcast episodes.

The benefits of repurposing your content include:

  • It allows you to grow your audience to include prospective customers who hadn’t subscribed to your podcast or YouTube channel. By targeting them on a blogging site, such as, you can redirect them to your primary marketing channel or landing page.
  • It lets you make your content evergreen by republishing content and updating it.
  • Grow your mail subscription list by using your existing content to generate leads.

That said, there are two main ways of repurposing your content.

  • Creating a lead magnet
    • Convert your most popular blog post into an e-book in PDF format and encourage visitors on your site to download it for free by entering their email address. Making your lead magnet a content upgrade exponentially grows your mailing list.
    • A content upgrade refers to a lead magnet that you insert in your article as an incentive that entices your visitors to subscribe to your list. Content upgrades are usually highlighted test areas in your blog content.
  • Publish videos. Including videos in your web marketing is a highly effective strategy. Rather than creating a new video from scratch, you can convert the content on existing blog posts to videos using any one of a number of tools, such as Lumen5 or Google Slides.

4. Monitor your progress

You need to know whether you’re getting a return on the investment in your web marketing campaign. Money is but one way of tracking your progress. Other ways of tracking your results include:

  • Traffic. This is among the tenets of web marketing. It refers to the number of visitors to your site as a result of your web marketing efforts.
  • Exposure/authority. Hard as this may be to track, it is essential for growing your audience.
  • Engagement on social media and your site. The higher your engagement rates, the more likely you are to expand your audience.
  • Sales. Needless to say, you want to know the direct effect of your marketing efforts on sales.
  • Lead quality. This refers to a prospective customer in your mailing list that matches your buyer persona.


Web marketing is undoubtedly a time-consuming endeavor. However, by employing the right strategies, you can build a powerful marketing system that grows your business to unimaginable heights. The tips provided here can transform your website from mediocre to industry-leading.

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