Top 10 Mobile Applications to help you learn Mathematics

Solving mathematics problems has been a nuisance for people since the dawn of the abacus. We implement maths in various professions of our daily lives, which is precisely why it holds such a significant place in our educational systems. With the continuous evolution in technology, learning maths has become significantly easier in the modern world. There are a wide number of applications available over our mobile devices, which can help and assist us in dealing with maths issues in our daily routines.

One way of learning is never suitable for everyone because we all operate differently. It is important to identify different techniques, which can help us learn effectively while keeping our interest quenched. Let us list down some of the best maths learning and assisting applications for mobile devices, which can benefit people of all ages.


IXL Maths

This application is a great source of learning for students between grades 1 to 12. It lets you access the various IXL maths exercises in a computer-based learning environment. In essence, mathematics is much more than numbers. This application lets you access a wide array of questions, which are engaging and entertaining at the same instance. The problems discussed relate to real life instances where their implementation is justified. Teachers, as well as parents, can be part of the learning process through this application as they get to analyze the progress of the children at every step.

The functionality of this application is not just limited to mathematics though. You can get comprehensive learning on English through it as well. The application’s questions automatically adjust to the pace of the users, therefore, you do not need to worry about difficult questions sprouting up out of nowhere at the very beginning. This application is available for both iOS and Android users.



DoodleMaths is a very handy application when it comes to supporting mathematics. It focuses on the area of improvement for students and designs a curriculum around that area to strengthen it. Perfectly optimized for mobile platforms and tablets, it is a great on-the-go assistant. The embedded AI is very efficient is learning the problematic areas where a student is struggling. The application is not limited in working just on the weak areas. It works well in supporting areas where students feel comfortable already and take those skills to a higher tier.

Help and support are also offered to subscribe users for which an additional fee is required. Parents are highly encouraged to participate in the progress of their children through the dedicated Parent Connect app. This allows them to be with their children through every step of the course and assist them accordingly.



This is not directly a maths help application but a great social networking app for students. Students can openly ask questions related to their home assignments and get interesting solving perspectives and answers from various other people. This app can help students in various educational subjects but mathematics is the most discussed and highlighted subject due to its nature. Questions can range from elementary grade all the way to complex college level questions.

The stronger the network, the more useful the application itself becomes. Like other social networking apps, this application is also available, free of cost. To be able to make the most out of this application and others, a dependable internet connection is a necessity so that you stay connected with your network around the clock. Go through your local Xfinity bundles to avail some of the most reliable deals.


Khan Academy

This series of applications has gained quite a notable following over the course of time. Their mobile application lets you learn mathematics in a traditional learning scenario. You get assistance from a huge array of well-aligned videos and questions. Every sphere of mathematics is covered in detail be it statistics, trigonometry, algebra or advanced calculus. A number of their videos have even gone viral due to the effective method of teaching and the ease of understanding they are delivering to the audience.

This icing on the cake regarding this app is the fact that it is available absolutely free of cost. This makes it a must-have application for your entire household, which is bound to come in handy at one point or another.



Advanced calculators are a necessity when it comes to solving maths problems. CalcTape, as the name suggests, keeps track of all your calculations on a digital paper tape, which allows you to actively alter your working in between a problem. You get access to a wide array of mathematical functions to help you solve even the most complex of equations. This app is well optimized to work with both iOS and Android platforms.

Premium users of the app get access to additional functions such as saving calculation files, customizing layouts for your calculator and sharing your working with people across various platforms.



This is an exceptionally useful mathematics application, which lets you take photos of various maths problems in order to solve them. Snap a picture and the handwriting recognition software with the help of the camera will present the solution to the problem. Photomath supports various basic math functions such as fractions, equations, trigonometry, and even more. The app is readily available over both Android and iOS so make sure you have it especially if you do not enjoy writing and solving equations on calculators.


SAT Math Trainer

SAT’s are an important step in the educational life of students across the globe, especially in the states. Getting help with your SAT’s is indeed a blessing, which is precisely what this app does. Focused on grades 10th-12th, this application challenges you over a wide array of mathematics questions. Teachers can take help from this app as well in training their students properly by adding its curriculum to various class sessions. Questions that are presented have previously appeared or are similar to the ones, which have in actual tests. You can, therefore, rely on the authenticity of the learning material and it will surely be of assistance to you.



Mathspace, in essence, is the perfect substitute for your textbook. The app is based on a plethora of useful maths based questions. A great thing about this application is that you get access to instant feedback over the work you do. You can get assistance at every step of the problem from various experts. The application saves your progress along the way and acts as a workbook and mark book as well, acting as a one-stop solution to your math problems.

The app covers Common Core between grades 6th-12th and focuses on curriculums from various nationalities across the globe (including UK, Singapore, Australia and more). This adds more usability to Mathspace and makes it an excellent math-learning companion.


Dragon Box

Adding Dragon Box to this list is necessary due to its ever-rising popularity. This is an award-based series of applications, which helps students in various educational disciplines. The fun-filled learning instilled in these applications keeps the students engaged and entertained while they learn. Their mathematics apps vary in their style of teaching for different grades with rising challenges as you progress through the curriculum. Real life scenarios are used to help children analyze the necessary course of action.

Feedback is an integral part of learning and making progress. Dragon Box apps provide instant feedback with multiple solutions to a problem. Therefore, you always know how to make betterment. The applications are priced relatively higher than the rest but they are well worth it.\

Illumina Mathland

Targeted at children above the age of 6, illumina Mathland instills a fun-filled learning atmosphere. The app is largely based on games and challenges which facilitate learning. The AI installed tracks the progress of various participants while adjusting and recommending problems based on that analysis. Fun and learning have a good synergy between them, which is precisely what illumina Mathland delivers. The problems presented are directly related to the curriculum taught in various Elementary Schools. Therefore, your children constantly apply what they learn at their school and their learning and growth are reinforced.

These are some of the best maths learning applications available in the market for mobile devices. Many of these applications support in-app purchases so make sure that you are always aware of these microtransactions and your card data stored in case children need access to additional features or might accidentally click on a purchase. Hopefully, you and your family might be able to benefit from these useful applications.

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