The Changing Face of Broadcasting TV Ads in India

TV ad broadcast powered by cloud technology has been a latest achievement in technology that has delivered an unprecedented amount of success to content owners by plummeting down unnecessary overheads that were earlier shooting up, owing to a rather obsolete and capital-intensive satellite transmission model.  Not long ago, TV advertisers heavily relied on tape advertisement and satellite models that not only administered broadcasting comparatively slow, but were also plagued with high costs. Since, a cloud ad delivery system was not in effect earlier, advertisers had to cope up with substantial investments incurred in broadcasting.

How Things are Changing with Cloud

However, things have taken a radical shift over the recent few years. The adoption of cloud platform to relay ads have rigorously changed the dynamics of broadcasting TV ads in India, both in terms of speed and cost-effectiveness. TV ads today, driven by cloud technology, are being propelled to any TV outlet across the country within a matter of time without requiring the broadcasters to bequeath a considerable amount. This has allowed ad content owners to connect with the audience with a far more holistic and effective approach.

Cloud in Broadcasting TV Ads – Bringing Hordes of Benefits

Broadcasters, who now deploy a cloud platform for advertising, enjoy greater volumes of functionality and versatility that has allowed them to reach out to a wider audience base, while having a profound impact on viewers in an accurate, quick, and effective fashion. You can have a look at below mentioned benefits of cloud in TV ads to understand how it provides you an advantageous stance.

1. Safety and Security at Max

A cloud model devised to broadcast TV ads capitalizes on a highly secure data center that draws out all the redundancies in the transmission, thus ensuring a seamless and completely protected television broadcast. A huge volume of content that needs to be broadcasted is placed amidst the protection of a network security umbrella that rules out all the possibilities of a potentially hazardous hack or a security breach.

2. Steep Mark-Down in Operational Expenditure

Cost implications in a satellite broadcast could cripple the economy of any TV ad content enterprise. Staffing prerequisites and infrastructure expenses can alone put together a huge budget that is bound to be taxing for content owners. However, a broadcast fueled by cloud technology brings down operational costs substantially that allows content owners to gain a competitive advantage which puts them right into the driver’s seat in terms of TV ad broadcasting.

3. Seamless Scalability

It is important to contemplate the possibility that your broadcasting business is bound to hit several ups and downs in the imminent future. The circumstances here indicate towards bringing in immaculate scalability in broadcasting practices. When it comes to scalability, no other broadcasting medium is analogous to a cloud broadcasting platform. Since, in cloud enabled broadcasting, everything is virtualized, system capabilities can be easily altered depending upon the broadcasting prerequisites of a TV ad advertiser.

4. Downright Reliable and Consistent

The quality of broadcast signal and the consistency in transmission via a cloud platform is downright comparable with a satellite grade broadcast.  As a matter of fact, cloud enabled broadcast has gained an upper-hand, since it not only provides a high quality broadcast but also keeps operational costs at bay.


The usage of cloud technology today, knows no bounds. Industries of all kinds are leveraging the power of cloud to a great effect to bring cost-effectiveness and unification in their business operations. TV ad broadcast too, doesn’t remains aloof of cloud technology that has indeed rendered conventional broadcasting practices completely archaic.

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