The Approaching Revolution in Software Development

The software industry has been growing ever since it’s developed. But now it has gone to another level where AI enabled robots and smart algorithms have taken over almost everything. But this is just not it. It continues to grow until everything from everything doesn’t get on the network of the internet. This wide network of the internet has bound us all together and is necessary to operate the things efficiently. So is why Comcast internet deals the fast internet to keep the things in motion at all times.

Software development has been a manual task ever since its start. The system has been the same ever since: think of a problem present a clever solution to it (algorithms) and give a set of instructions to the machine to execute it. The method is commonly known as “explicit programming”

Explicit Programming has always been fundamental to everything whether its mainframe or smartphone. It opened new horizons for the companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and other such big names.

And yet those intelligent systems envisioned by technologists and scientists are mere science fictions to us. Automation may sound easy but it isn’t actually. Seemingly very simple tasks defy automation even by the brilliant minds. Specialists alleged Silicon Valley of turning away fundamental advances to focus on incremental or fad driven businesses.

Of course, it is about to change real soon. As may be of you know that Waymo’s self-driving cars just passed eight million miles traveled. Microsoft’s translator, though it is not that fluent In translating right now but still can match the human accuracy in translating Chinese into English. Startups are also raking new possibilities for the intelligent systems like virtual assistants, automation, industrial automation, fraud detection, and IoT etc.

These automated and newly developed technologies are going to impact our lives big time. They will represent a great change in our perception of software development and an extraordinary departure from the model of explicit programming.

The core reason behind the breakthrough in software development?

According to the experts, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are the major breakthrough technologies which have completely transformed the software world. These artificial intelligent systems inspired by the human brain. The thing started from simple data analysis tool and now serves as computing platforms. It helps businesses to analyze the tons of data in minutes and to extract useful information from within it.

The technologists are optimistic with the future of deep learning because it will allow coders to write very little codes and they don’t need to rely on the preset rules of if and then statements rather the deep learning systems are efficient enough to write themselves code based on the past examples. Software developer just needs to design a rough skeleton of the program.

Now developers do not require to write unique codes rather they require to teach machines how to code themselves. How to make the existing algorithms more efficient. This is the future of software development.

Where Software Development will lead us in the future:

1. Programming and data science will continue to merge in future:

Intelligent system’s designing will require the knowledge of both traditional approaches towards problems and AI. Most of the software won’t implement end-to-end learning systems for the predictable future. Rather they will depend on the data models to provide core reasoning capabilities and explicit logic to interface with the users and to deduce results.

Well, the question here is that “Will AI be used to solve a problem or traditional approach?” Well, both are integral to the development of intelligent systems.

2. AI practitioners are going to be shining stars:

Practicing AI is no piece of cake but it is worth all the hype. As Ai holds the future of technology and its practitioners are going to be huge in the coming years. These researchers, practitioners and brilliant people will be valuable resources for the companies who are willing to invest billions and billions just for experimenting something extraordinary.

The demand of traditional developers who helped industries to implement partial automation systems will not decrease certainly but those who will stay updated with the new trends and technologies will go way far.

3. AI toolchain requires to be built:

Machine learning lead ay Lyft said that “Machine learning is in the process of primordial soup phase. It is quite similar to databases of 80’s and late 70’s. Only a world’s expert can get this thing to work”

Study and research show that Ai is trivial to understand and explain and deceive. These issues require attention to unlock the true potential of AI.

4. Get comfortable with unpredictable behavior:

Machines require a human brain to provide them with instructions. And sometimes the input we give doesn’t provide us with the desired output. So is the case with AI systems. AI systems are complicated like a human body. They are like living and breathing systems which try to make themselves better. Ai is not yet smart as the human brain so we can expect unpredictable behavior from it.

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