Some Web Design Mistakes to Avoid for Driving More Traffic from Instagram

Coming up with an intuitive and responsive web design could be pretty challenging but you simply cannot boost your business without a highly-responsive website design. Today, you cannot use the excuse of low-speed mobile data or limited disk space for hampering your business activities. In this feed-driven era, most users are too happy to carry on doing things very much on the go. The art of perfect web designing could be mastered with practice and through making mistakes. Every time you commit a web design mistake, you tend to learn something new from that mistake. Design gurus feel that it is best to learn from your mistakes instead of faking perfection. Let us explore some of the web design mistakes that could adversely impact traffic generated by Instagram.

First Common Mistake: Web Pages Load Painfully Slowly

Excessive videos and pictures could be slowing down specifically your website. You need to realize the importance of loading faster as mobile users need convenience while they are browsing your website. Instagram users who are attracted by your product pictures on Instagram would be visiting your site but would surely bounce off if your website seems to be very slow and web pages make visitors wait endlessly while loading.

Expect your rankings to go down because the search engines are sure to disregard your website while the indexing process is done.  You must focus on having a perfect website design so that mobile site does not shy away from offering their key values while providing flawless and smooth UX or User Experience.

Remedial Action:

  • Eliminate unnecessary media that fails to boost your site’s overall value.
  • Determine and focus on your ultimate goal or objective while designing the website.

Second Common Mistake: Not Designing for Screens but Designing for Devices

You must concentrate on using the screen size for generating a responsive and intuitive design instead of using device categorization. Keep in mind that some cell phones seem to be quite large and some desktop producers effortlessly match the television sizes.

Remedial Action:

  • You may consider screen size only for responsive breakpoints.

Third Common Mistake: Not Being Able to Fathom Buyer Persona

The foremost responsibility of an experienced web designer is to not only know the users but even to understand perfectly the buyer persona. Once you do that, you would automatically get answers to certain vital queries relating to the web design. Many novice designers often make the serious mistake of designing the website without taking into account the buyer persona.

Remedial Action:

  • Explore & learn more about the end users and the target audience.
  • Abstain from the typical cookie cutter approach when it comes to web designing.
  • Share Instagram content frequently on your website.
  • Respond promptly to the questions asked by Instagram followers.


Meticulous planning is critical to creating responsive and intuitive web designs. In this context, always keep in mind that an intuitive web design is a cornerstone of Instagram brand promotion & marketing success. Focus on working hard and doing it right. You simply cannot attain Insta-fame overnight. You cannot become an Insta-Star just because you have created an Instagram account. Your brand or business could reach pinnacles of glory provided you come up with a responsive business website and concentrate on building robust relationships with your customers.

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