Reseller Hosting: Benefits and Features to Look For

Many of us might not have any knowledge about reseller hosting. In this post, we’ll understand what it is and what benefits it offers.  In this age of internet web hosting has become highly lucrative. If you want to leverage from the growth of the website on the internet then, reseller hosting can be a great idea.


Different Types Of Reseller Hosting

There are two main types of reseller hosting which include:

  • Windows reseller hosting
  • Linux reseller hosting

It all depends on the hosting that you are going to choose. The critical difference is the applications that are going to be used. If your client wants to run PHP and MySQL, then Linux hosting may be the best. Then there are applications such as MSSQL and ASP which run on Windows, so there is no other option but to go for Windows reseller hosting.


Here Are Some Benefits To Reseller Hosting?

You will be acting as a hosting company and will be making money by hosting websites of others.  You will be able to make profits with ease. You will be able to choose from amongst many plans which are tailored for your business and the clients. You will be able to host and bill those customers that will go for hosting with you.  You will create your unique brand and will be able to make independent cPanel control panels for every client.


What Feature Should You Look in Reseller Hosting?

Numerous features should be there in the best reseller hosting. Here are the most important ones:


1. Good Uptime Score

What is the uptime guarantee of the company from which you are going to purchase the reseller hosting plan?  You should go with a web hosting provider which runs 24*7 and operates on powerful web-servers with stability. An uptime score of 99.5% and above is highly desirable. If the uptime score is less than this, then it may negatively impact your business.


2. Customizable Packages

Every business is unique so as a reseller you may need to sell customized packages. Every plan should have assigned bandwidth, disk space and emails as well.  But you should first address the needs of your clients to see whether the firm offers customizable packages. It will help you in deciding about the best web host.


3. Customer Support

In any business, the client wants tech support round the clock.  It demands a robust client support system crucial facet of reselling business. You should make sure that the hosting partner can offer sound customer support to you and the clients.


4. Good Reviews

Then you should also look for the client reviews and try to find out what other clients have to say about the hosting service provider. If the web-hosting provider has been providing excellent services, then his reviews are usually good.



You need to keep these things in mind to get the best reseller hosting.

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