Leverage the Power of Cloud Based Broadcasting via TV Playout Automation

Cloud based broadcasting via TV playout automation has forever changed the way television is viewed in countries scattered all over the globe. There is no denying the fact that the induction of cloud technology has had a profound impact on the way content is broadcasted on television sets across the world. Not long ago, transmission of television content via a satellite feed played its dominion nearly everywhere. Since, satellites provided a robust and reliable platform to TV channels to broadcast their content in a seamless manner; satellites appeared to be a rather palpable choice for a majority of broadcasters.

However, with the advent of cloud based broadcasting via TV playout automation devices, things have taken a radical shift. Cloud based broadcasting offers the same level of reliability and consistency in transmission of content over television sets as a conventional satellite feed, in addition to being more cost-effective.

Cloud Based TV Playout Automation – The New Era of TV Broadcast

Although traditional TV broadcasting practices are touted to be fairly stable and consistent, they suffer from several drawbacks that may prove to be financially burdening for any newly established TV channel that is facing a financial crunch. You see, setting up an entirely new satellite feed entails substantial costs and requires putting in place an advanced infrastructure that aims to deliver content to viewers.

TV playout automation aided with cloud technology on the other hand provides television broadcasters an opportunity to undertake transmission of content in a rather cost-effective, secure, and failsafe manner. As opposed to a conventional feed where playout is possible via a satellite, cloud based playout operates on an internet model that is not at all capital intensive and is fairly streamlined too.

Catering to Multiple Geographical Locations

Television broadcasters all across the world battle the concern of delivering different content over the same television network at the same time. For instance, a television program that is allowed by the government to be broadcasted on a certain TV channel in the USA might not get approval in the middle-east region. The situation here prompts the user to either opt for a blackout on that particular television channel or set up an entirely new satellite feed aimed towards catering to the people of middle-east locations.

Either of the two options may lead to an impactful financial setback for any broadcaster. This is highly undesirable, especially in an industry where you always need to stand firm, monetarily. Cloud based playout offers broadcasters an opportunity to transmit different content on the same television network across multiple geographical locations. In a lucid manner, different television programs can be broadcasted on the same TV channel in both the USA and middle-east regions. Since, television content providers now do not need to set up a new satellite feed for either of the two locations and are capable of reaching out to the target audience of both regions, cloud based broadcast is indeed a win-win option for them.

How Cloud Based TV Playout Automation Works?

Cloud based playout service is typically a platform that is designed to assimilate with current TV network systems in place. A playlist comprising of the content that is to be broadcasted over TV channels is created via a playout suit. Several head-ends are installed on multiple broadcasting sources on which servers are put in place, where content delivery is undertaken amidst a highly secure and robust cloud environment.

Contingent to the programs available on the playlist created earlier, these servers then display a graphic-rich content, infused with audio and video capabilities on TV channels across multiple locations across the globe.


Cloud based TV playout automation has, without a doubt, challenged the conventional television broadcasting practices. Clearly, it has evolved as an alternative to traditional satellite feeds and is founding a greater acceptance among television broadcasters all over the world.

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