Know These 4 Significant Ways to Keep Your Smartwatch Alive

Nowadays, technology has been continually evolving, improving and innovating. Many of the usual things we see and use have been reconstructed to be made into a better version. Several devices also have been combined with other certain devices so that they’re made as one. Such objects, because of collaboration, of course were made for higher quality and efficiency of using them as one, more than as when they’re individually used.

One of those that belong to the category of these collaborations is the smartwatch. The smartwatch is simply a wristwatch, however, it is smart or even smarter than the regular one since it doesn’t only function in providing time, but also other roles like tracking your activities and providing weather updates. A smartwatch is costly because of its unique computer features. If you notice, you’ll rarely see people wearing smartwatches. If you have one, you must know that you should take care of it and how to do so.

Here are 4 ways to do that:


Newer models of the smartwatch is water-resistant. Most of the ones present and more marketable today are safe from water interference since it’s more favorable when you use it and you accidentally get wet or get it wet. Its water resistance, however, does not imply that you can always soak it in all depths of water. Of course, there’s a certain limit for the smartwatch to resist water. That depends on the model.


Samsung Gear S3 frontier smartwatch

Probably one of the grossest things that can happen to any kind of watch is when the strap gets moldy due to a long time of being used or due to being left undried after getting wet and worn. Just because the smartwatch is “smart” does not mean that it can’t get broken, old and dirty.  

To take care of the smartwatch and of your skin as well doesn’t limit it to the watch’s screen alone but also goes down to the straps! A beautiful, pricey smartwatch wrapped around your wrist but a mucky one? Ugh, better not.


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A smartwatch is water-resistant, which probably means that it protects the watch not only from mere water but also from other liquids with dominating water content. The thing, however, is that other liquids which might not be as safe as mere water is dangerous to the smartwatch — be it affecting the insides of it or the surface of the watch. Harmful chemicals and other substances that might cause the watch to fade or might damage the inside pieces of it. Other types of water might also destroy the smartwatch.


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The smartwatch is not your ordinary watch, and it’s advisable that you don’t use it daily on a normal basis even when you’re just going to the near convenience store only to buy a box of cookies. Get it? Wear it on more special times. Maybe a family Sunday date or your birthday! Smartwatches must be treasured since they’re not very commonly worn by many. Before wearing it to an event or for an activity, think if it’s going to be safe to wear it.

If you’re going to a concert with lots of people, consider thinking that it might get pulled off your arm, or it might get broken. For outdoor activities like hiking and biking, the smartwatch is good, but in unexpected moments of holding onto rocks or tripping, you might use your hand or arm to resist the pressure and force caused by the fall, and your smartwatch might hit hard surfaces and get broken or scratched.


Take care of your smartwatch smartly. It may look just like a regular watch, but it isn’t really! Truth is that it’s a higher version of those regular watches and actually a more sensitive one that needs more protection and safe use.

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