Interviewing Skills Training: How to Overcome the Problem Complex Hiring Process

“Up to 50% of all executive hires end in firing or resignation.” Harvard Business Review

Is the hiring process too long or complex? Are you hiring the talent that you need? Does your hiring or selection process lack consistency? Are you making hiring or interviewing mistakes? If so, this blog is worth a read.

Business Review reveals that a large number of executive hires end in firing or resignation. It’s most probably because; managers or the interviewers lack the ability to make the right hiring decision and avoid costly mistakes. That’s where competency and behavior based interviewing skills training program comes in handy. The training helps increase future employee retention and performance.

Behavior-Based Interviewing Skills Training

Behavior-Based Interviewing Skills Training Program is an optimum choice for both an experienced or novice interviewer. Being the right program for hiring managers and individuals who interview internal or external candidates, the training prepares participants to reduce risks in their next interview, thereby preventing fires and resignations within an organization. The training is designed to develop adept interviewing skills in managers or recruiters that lead them to better hired and a competitive edge of their team.

A comprehensive interviewing skills training program is focused on:

  • Describing jobs and successful candidates
  • Keeping your interviews legally compliant
  • Probing for technical competencies
  • Making the best hiring decision
  • Teaching basic concepts combined with simple techniques

Five Essential Modules Interviewing Skills

The interviewing skills training is a crucial part of soft skills for business managers to answer the question, “How to interview successfully?” Things have become extremely competitive. With the proper training, your managers or recruitment specialists can pick the most appropriate candidates. Following are the five modules of the interviewing skills.

Interviewing Basics

The training program enables participants to name different behavioral competencies and manage job interviews using particular techniques that uncover behavior-based competencies.

Define Job First and Then the Candidate

First, delineate the job then the candidate. This enables you to design a job profile that concentrates on the particular culture and functions of your organization.

The Interview Process

The next thing that the course may include is how to make the candidate comfortable, ask questions that both legal and compliant. While the workshop facilitator conducts a mock interview to demonstrate the interview model, you can take notes and practice how to tune into proof of competencies.

The Interview Questions

The training course also teaches you the way to assess a candidate’s capabilities by deploying different proven questioning methods. You can be able to create your own questions. A good training provider provides the participants with more than one hundred examples of questions to probe for behavioral evidence.

The Interview Decision

Next module of the training course prepares you to prepare candidate balance sheet. This part teaches you how to make a sound hiring decision that fits your job profile.

In general, the behavior-based interviewing skills training program is available in full-day, half-day, online, or shorter formats delivered on-site at your location. Also, the program at most of the reputable companies includes one year access to online behavioral interviewing support tools and job aids.


The behavior-based training program is usually suitable for the company where the hiring process is complicated, managers can’t hire the talent they need, hiring selection process lacks consistent, or recruiters are making several interviewing mistakes. If such problems are existing on the floor of your organization, then interviewing skills training program is the right option for your managers or recruitment department.

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