Internet of Things: Trends to Look Out For In the Coming Years

With the downpour of new gadgets and better technology each year, we are left to imagine what the future of our world would be like. The Internet of things has revolutionized lives everywhere for everyone. Whether you are a homeowner or a businessman, the internet touches you every day with its ultimate power, making life more efficient and easier.

Internet of things/IoT is hot these days and we can safely say that this technology is here to stay due to its wide range of services and innovations. From automated vacuum cleaners to smart thermostats like Nest smart, from sleep solutions to managing the environment inside your homes, IoT is taking us on a wild ride and we should expect to be even more amazed in the coming year. It has changed the way we used to experience home and that change is still very much happening.

Another thing that is increasing the use of this technology is the cut in the price of sensors that are used in IoT devices. This simply implies that such devices will be pervasive throughout our lives, whether inside our homes or outside. We will very soon relate to our homes as not just physical places but as powerfully connected spaces which are not only providing a refuge from the outside natural forces but are also completely in control and looking after the environment and safety of its inhabitants.

But your homes are just one place that IoT is covering with its amazing power. We see this technology being implemented in all its glory in the corporate sector as well. It will be insufficient to be smart and to look for any growth without the IoT. It will be absolutely necessary to manage the systems and to run a sound, successful organization.

A few trends that we should look out for in the coming year are discussed below to shed some more light as to affected we will be, with or without IoT.

1) Integrated Sensors For Energy Conservation

The option of our homes being connected to energy management services is already there and a lot are turning to integrate this into their homes as part of their regular home management systems. These services include automated trigger systems that use sensors indoors as well as outdoors to control and adjust lighting; inside and outside the premises, fix temperature inside, shut blinds by adjusting to timings and sunlight, control the water sprinklers for optimum results, creating an energy efficient system which will help cut down on unnecessary costs. It is also an excellent way to conserve water.

This is done by implanting real-time devices inside electricity panels and switchboards that have the ability to accurately measure the amount of energy consumed in a day’s time and then use it in relevance to gather data and then implement a threshold for further use. Notifications can and will be sent to the customer, whenever there’s a spark even at the granular level through the connected smartphones. What’s more is the use of AI in such devices which will take the responsibility from the homeowner by being intelligent enough to monitor and learn from the habits of the incumbents.

2) Better Security Solutions

When we think about a series of internet-connected devices, the very next thought can definitely be about the security in such circumstances. Use of biometrics is already implemented and integrated into our smartphones these days. Voice and optical recognition is not a thing of the movies anymore. It is very much present in our phones, security devices; personal and otherwise, and in a lot of our next generation of laptops and computers. You can now control the cameras placed outside or inside the house from anywhere in the world with a strong internet connection. Xfinity plans are just the thing to check out for getting a comprehensive and customized solution. Smart doorbells and locks are already available which can easily be integrated into a flexible home security system, giving you better access and the optimum security that you desire for keeping your property and loved ones safe. Again, with the influx of Artificial Intelligence, the time isn’t far away when the house will learn the habits of its owners and adapt to the particular lifestyle and needs of its users. It will also create an atmosphere inside the house where it mimics patterns when the house is empty to keep it protected from intruders.

3) Dependable Health Care Management

Another immense impact that we can observe in the US is the use of these sensors and gadgets in the health sector. With the coming of old age and the fact that old people are left home sometimes to fare on their own due to the ever-increasing fast-paced life, it is becoming a necessity to create such devices that can connect them to their families and health providers. IoT technology is being used to detect falls, the quality of air inside the room, heat and cold signatures by checking the thermostat so that more safety and security can be provided. Going old shouldn’t necessarily mean absolute dependence. Such health monitors are appearing in the market that can even detect a rise in blood pressure and heart rate and will send a help signal to the paramedics

4) Personalization At Its Finest

As I discussed earlier houses and businesses making use of Artificial Intelligence to create the most absolute environment, most smart homes are generally integrated with options that customers can choose from to create personalized management of their surroundings. But as we’ve observed above, AI is making its mark by intelligently incorporating its technology for more efficient homes. The behavior of the homeowner will be recorded and then used to make decisions on their behalf. Not only that, AI will also run and manage its own device’s systems to make it run at its optimum, taking the complete responsibility.

Imagine being hassle-free since you know that your house will take care of itself. An intelligent home is just the thing for the future. And these are just a few of the departments where IoT is revolutionizing the world we are living in. Imagine the endless string of possibilities that could come knocking at your door, so be prepared to be blown away.

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