Instagram Analytics that You Should Measure for Smashing Your Marketing Goals

According to various studies that have been conducted, almost eighty million photos are posted on a daily basis on Instagram. This is why more and more people have started using Instagram, because of the interesting and visual nature that it has, as compared to various other social networking sites. It can be extremely difficult to find out how your business is doing on Instagram, among the interesting feed that is already there. Keep in mind that you have to start building your Instagram account by increasing your follower count and uploading great posts. With time, you can make use of the Instagram analytics for optimizing each aspect of the posts. Instagram Analytics helps in meeting the goals and objectives of your business.

Why Instagram analytics is needed

Data helps the businesses to make a better and smarter decision for both the business as well as the audience. Instagram is continuing to grow with more than 800 million active users and it is the best opportunity for reaching out to the target audience. Without the help of Instagram Analytics, any Instagram post will get lost amidst the numerous other posts that are posted regularly on Instagram.

With the help of the Instagram Analytics, your path will become clear and you will be free to make an easy and interesting strategy. You can get real Instagram likes as well to make your profile more interesting.

Listed below are the important Instagram analytics that every smart marketer should measure.

Follower growth

You can track the number of followers that you are gaining on a daily basis by assessing the follower count that is located on the top right of the Instagram application. This is one of the most prominent and important metrics across the entire Instagram application.

This is normally the first thing that your customers will check out when they visit your profile. The number of followers that you have is considered to be the first impression of your audience on your Instagram account. This is why you should use this metric for tracking the growth of the business with time.

Profile views

There are many people who view your profile but do not follow you. However, you have the option of tracking the number of profile views that you have gained and you can compare it with the number of profile views that you got the week before. This metric allows you to get a general idea about how many people are interested in your business.

Audience Analytics

Your customers are essential for contributing towards the growth of your business and hitting the objectives that you have. You can check the age, gender, location, active hours, active days, and the impressions of your Instagram story with the help of Instagram Analytics. You can also see your top followers and understand their engagement with your account.

Content Analytics

You have the option to understand the number of likes, comments, saves, impressions, engagement, and the reach of your posts with the help of content analytics. This helps you to understand how well your post is doing on Instagram.


Only posting great content is not enough if you are not able to understand how it is doing on Instagram. When you get a proper insight into your posts, it becomes easier for you to make the posts engaging and attracting more people to follow your account.

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