How to Utilize SEO Tactics to Drive Sales to your E-commerce Store

The e-commerce industry is one of the most competitive areas right now. It’s mostly because of the growing trend of online shopping. Do you know that last year E-commerce sales surpassed the figure of 2.3 billion dollars? Yes, it’s true. The experts have predicted that this figure will double in the next three years. It is safe to say that online customers are increasing with every passing hour.

Bright future of e-commerce has motivated several people to create their own e-commerce stores. But a very few are successful. Many online stores are the affiliate marketers of brands and other e-commerce giants. Why is that so? Mostly because those e-commerce stores started when online shopping was a futuristic idea. And now they have expanded and are earning billions of dollars. But still, e-commerce is a hot industry for all of us. We can smartly get benefit from its potential.

Establishing an e-commerce store is not a big deal and almost every other person can get it done. But marketing your platform rightly is crucial. Marketing your store over the internet gain you the attention you require and help to gain qualified leads for conversions. SEO plays a major role in digital marketing. Utilizing right SEO tactics to your e-commerce platform can get you not just a rush of traffic but qualified leads too.

But what tactics can actually drive sales to an e-commerce platform. You don’t know? Well, don’t worry we are here to help you. We have narrowed down the most important SEO tactics which play a great role in driving sales towards your platform. You may know a few of them commonly and took them for granted. But trust me they are common but are critically important for your platform’s SEO. Let’s dig into it.


Conducting proper research for Keywords

We know this for a fact that 85% of customers use Google to find themselves the product they require. Conducting research about people used queries and keywords in your niche is highly important.

After setting up a great SEO strategy for yourself utilize Google Adwords to find the most suitable keywords. The keyword planner tool of Adwords will show you relevant keywords and phrases according to your industry. It allows you to monitor the stats, that how often these keywords are being used. The results will also show you the trend that how the volume of these words and phrases change every month.

An E-commerce platform can be running ads 24/7 because a customer doesn’t have a certain time to buy things. So monitoring traffic and leads coming from PPC campaigns, organically or Social media platforms require a reliable internet connection at all times. Cox Communications are providing high-speed internet in most economical prices. You might want to check packages of Cox Las Vegas, San Diego etc. to avail the best of the best.


Utilize blogging

If I may say, in my opinion, content marketing is the core of SEO and blogging is an important part of content marketing. Once you’re done with your keyword’s research next step is to utilize them within the content to rank your website higher through those keywords. Certainly utilizing these keywords in business description and product pages is not enough. That is why e-commerce sites require a blog to produce content around these keywords. According to research the top position of SERP’s contain average word count of 1,890. Certainly, a product description can’t be that long that is why most of the successful e-commerce stores are using blogging to boost SEO. Blogging increase the chances of creating quality backlinks.


Utilization of Long Tail Keywords within Product Description and Name

More than half of all the search queries are comprised of at least four words. Adding long tail keywords into the product name and description can be very beneficial. These keywords don’t have a high search volume. This means there is low competition on these keywords and will increase the chances of getting higher positions on SERP’s through specific terms.


Simplify your Website’s Architecture

I’ll try to explain indexing and crawling in simple words. All the major search engines use bots to index the information a website contains. These bots are generally known as web crawlers. The information on your web pages is stored in Search Engine’s index. When a user searches about something, the search engine reference the data stored in the index to find the most relevant results.

If the architecture of the website is complicated, the bots may not be able to crawl through the website and index it properly. The simpler the website’s architecture, easier it will be for crawlers to crawl through your site and better will be the results.


Improve the speed and fix the errors

Speed plays a very important role in SEO. It is one of the core metrics upon which Search engine judge your website. Making your website small in size and great in speed plays a great role in the SEO of e-commerce. Because no one would return to a store which is slow and crashes with a rush of traffic.

Other issues like Redirecting pages, plagiarized content, broken links, and problematic images are a few of the most common issues observed in websites. These issues can greatly impact the SEO of your website.

Playin greatly with the above-mentioned tactics can gain you traction organically. These SEO techniques will better the SERP rankings of the platform which would lead to better conversion rate.

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