How to Take Proper Care for Curly Hair?

Curly hair looks great. The bends curves and the coils are what many girls’ dreams about.  Getting curly hair Salon Brooklyn is not much challenging, and there are just too many styles to pick from.


Many Styles Available!

A simple search on the internet will give you many tens of styles. But you will prefer to have any one of them.  If you like any one of it, then you should take the photo of it and then discuss the same with the stylist. Then there are some computer programs which you can use to try out the styles as well. It is a good idea to discuss the style beforehand than repenting later on.  Once are with the best hairstyle, you should pay attention to their maintenance. The twists and the turns make your hair fragile and delicate, and the very curviness makes it challenging to nourish the hair properly.  Use these tips that will help you in maintaining the curls:


1. Go for Pre-shampoo routine

You should prefer pre-shampoo treatment which is a step that is performed before shampooing.  It softens conditions and detangles the hair before you eventually shampoo it.  You will be able to prevent unnecessary roughness and damage when you are shampooing your hair.

You can use a conditioner or conditioning oil for pre-shampoo and treat them on the dry hair. You should apply treatment to your hair part by part and apply it to hair thoroughly.  You can also use your fingers to separate the curls and work the product on it. Then you should wait for some time then clean your hair.


2. Don’t Shampoo Your Hair Daily

You don’t have to shampoo your curly hair daily.  If you do that then you are risking them to stretch, and there will be fragile strands, and they may dry out as well. You should condition you properly whenever you are going to take a shower. You can apply conditioner even if you are not shampooing the hair regularly.


3. Pick a Shampoo after Due Consideration

You should think of the curly hair as cashmere. Will you wash your expensive clothes with an ordinary detergent?

In the same way, you should not use just any other shampoo. Prefer a mild shampoo or a low lather cleansing conditioner which will refresh your hair and scalp without taking out the natural moisture and the oils.  If needed you can dilute the shampoo with distilled water and then use it.


4.  Don’t use hot water

Although cold water is not the best way to wash your curly hair, when you use the cold water, it will make the cuticles to close and retain the moisture within. After wash, you are going to have shinier and reduced frizz.


In the End

You can get curly hair Brooklyn in the style that you want. But you will need to take a lot of care to ensure that your curls survive for long.

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