How to Plan an Organized Seating Plan for Your Wedding Reception?

A well-organized seating plan at your wedding is the key to run everything smoothly. You would least like your guest to run into a mad panic in the process of finding a seat. You can do so by having a systematized seating arrangement.

Here are some tips.

Do your homework

Start planning a little early to avoid as much stress as possible. Don’t wait for all RSVPs to arrive before you plan as it may bring rush before the big day. In addition, you have plenty of other important things to sort out. You can always edit and revise your seating plan.

Capacity of your venue

Always cross-check the capacity of your chosen venue by taking accounts the size and shape of your table. You would least want to your guests to push their chair back, so neither pack everyone too close nor make anybody feel left out in the entire table.

Mix and match

Your wedding reception is a time of celebration where you would like your guests to mingle. If everyone would be seated in family or friend groups, they will not be able to mingle. So, mix and match and don’t place everyone either together or left out. If you place people who are completely stranger, it would be awkward for them. Make a balance considering age, interests and family and friend group of your guests.


Decoration comes the first in your mind when planning seating arrangement. However, start working on it once you plan it. If you are looking for affordable ways to drape your wedding chair and tables, go for spandex banquet chair cover rental.

Assign only tables rather than seats

You are free to break the tradition and rather than assigning seats to guests, offer them just tables. It will allow them to choose where they want to sit next throughout the reception. They can switch seats if they are not happy or want to mingle.

Decide your seat

Being the center attraction of the wedding, a majority of brides and grooms opt for traditional table plans for themselves. However, it is all okay if you don’t choose a conventional top table and sit with your bridal party.

Decide the seat of your parents

Traditionally, your parents will sit at the same table with your spouse’s parents, along with grandparents. But if your or your spouse’s parents are divorced, naturally they will feel uncomfortable in sitting next to each other. In such cases, you can change the seating plan and let them sit near close family members or friends. It could make you arrange for different tables for your divorced parents as well as those who raised you and their partners.

Set it up in a way that makes everyone comfortable. If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to talk to your parents before making a final decision.

It may take hours to plan a perfect seating arrangement. However, it is worth for a grand reception party where everyone could enjoy.

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