How to Monitor Your Website and Maintain its Performance?

Many businesses put a website together. They enjoy a bounty of sales and then wonder why their sales are dwindling. This is a serious problem and anyone, including you, can face it. Maintaining the website for optimum performance is not a complex task. Lots of factors are involved. Below are some significant aspects to be taken into account for monitoring your websites.


Ping the router

Pinging the router is the first line of defense. If the internet speed or connection is breaking down, nothing else can improve the website performance. ISPs (Internet Service Providers) come with their own outages now and then. This happens due to several reasons like internal equipment failures, carrier failures, errors due to engineers, natural disaster and router connection errors. So make sure the internet connection is proper and speed is not affected.


Use a website monitoring tool

Using the website maintenance monitoring tool is another way to maintain the site performance. A good tool monitors your websites, and domain names. The tool also gives you website down alert. It conducts site frequency checks and downtime monitoring every five minutes. Besides, the tool also checks SSL expiration, domain expiration, email blacklists, NS and MX monitoring, Alexa position monitoring, website speed monitoring and much more. No installation is required. It is easy to use and available wherever you are.

Image Optimization

Avoid optimizing any image. Graphics and pictures on several websites are non-optimized. Reducing in colors or density may lead to ultimately decreasing file size. Even in today’s super speed internet, slowly loading images are noticed by search engines. Remember that only images over 50KB in size should be optimized.


Cascading style

If you avoid cascading style sheets, you’re reducing page size and load time. Cascading style sheets make it easier for creating a consistent look-and-feel for your website.


Check Website Downtime

Website downtime happens to everyone somewhere down the line. Don’t see it as an illness that you will not come to meet. Your site can experience some downtime. When it happens, you should know about it as soon as possible. Look for online site maintenance tool to get notified about the website downtime in order to be able to get the site back up and run.


Maintain Speed

If your website is not maintained correctly and it gives slow speed, it means you’re losing customers. In today’s fast-paced world, visitors expect fast page loading time. Even more than three seconds of loading speed can provoke them to switch to other websites. Search engines also penalize sites that take time enough in loading.


Ensure Uptime Rate

Poor uptime rate of your site is another barricade to your sales boost. Even with 99% uptime rates still means your site is down for 3.65 days a year. It can happen at any time. What if it occurs when you are running a major promotion, or you are planning to launch a campaign during the seasonal holiday (like Christmas) to generate a large number of sales?

The solution is to use website maintenance monitoring tools. Many such tools are available for free online.

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