How to Keep Your Tech Team Engaged and Motivated?

The Modern workplace has changed from what it used to be ten years ago. At present, technology professionals expect more than just excellent salary packages. They want a professional and healthy working environment which may be challenging but not boring.

As technology has advanced a lot in past few years, you cannot keep your tech team engaged and happy using traditional ways. As your tech talent is an asset to your company, you need to use innovative products, ideas, and means to keep them happy.

Listen to your employees

Every employee who joins your company comes on board with new hopes, ambitions and skills. Thus, you have a pool of diversely talented people which you have to keep happy. So, to motivate them, start listening to their goals, and aspirations. For example, a team member may be interested in developing a particular skill in your company while the other may be inclined to explore opportunities to explore new technology.

Though it may take some time and effort, focus on giving each employee the resources they need to thrive and attain their individual goals.

Increase collaboration

Nobody likes a boring workplace or multiple meeting schedules throughout the day. Employees’ productivity increase when they work as a team, and this can be done by increasing the communication and collaboration among the employees. Use advanced communication channels, like collaboration apps to pool your employees’ ideas all in one place. Time spent tracking down files, retrieving information from email trails and taking follow-ups from other teams, clients and project managers not only kills productivity but also frustrates employees. Prevent this by introducing improved communication channels to your workplace.

Flexible work-space options

It is not a secret that the number of work-at-home employees has increased in the past few years.  Technology has enabled flexible workspace options, and companies hugely benefit from it. Work-from-home is an excellent choice for an employee as well as employers. It creates a more engaged and rested workforce. Flexible workspace options attract workers and act as an incentive for their long-term stay.

Give recognition

Acknowledgment is the biggest motivator at the workplace. Every employee deserves to be recognized at the workplace for his/her good work, especially Gen Y and Gen X generations. There are multiple ways to celebrate success, and companies should never shy away from shouting out the praiseworthy work of an employee.

To keep employees engaged, motivated and productive is a not a difficult task and you only need to adopt the steps mentioned above and some mindfulness.

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