How an Online Freelance Tutor is a Better Option for Backbenchers

Imagine you’re a student, wanting to enhance your knowledge in a particular subject.

But, your situation is different.

You want to study with talented students, but don’t want to share seat with them in the class room.

You hesitate to join a class full of brilliant students. Reason being, you have been a backbencher (a type of student who sits at the last benches in his/her school.

In such a situation, you’d like to choose a study method that best suits your requirements.

How will you join such as a class where you can study with bright students without sharing seats with them?”

Would you like to go for an expensive private tutor?

But again, it won’t give you the opportunity to study with meritorious students?

So, it doesn’t cater to your demand.

That’s where online freelance tutors come handy. If I were at your place, I would opt for an e-learning program.

Freelance tutors create an e-learning platform that conducts online tuition, giving you the opportunity to study with many top students without sharing a physical class with them.

Surprised, how? Let me explain.


E-learning is a personalized, technology- and data-driven approach which responds and adapts to both teachers and learners. It enables both the trainee and the trainers to get the best out of the programs.

Today’s education is seeing a proliferation of new models in response to growing industry trends. The online education platform gives you enough reasons to meet the trends.

Here are some of the most common reasons how opting for online education programs is better than joining a traditional classroom study course.

Quality Education

In this fast-paced world, no one wants to follow a rigid structure. But, in a classroom education, it is mandatory for you to follow a training schedule and a rigid structure. In contrast, there are no tight instructions or time-schedule when you choose a freelance tutor.

With a freelance tutor, you have a flexible time to attend the class. It’s self-paced, and you can complete the course at your convenience.

When you join an e-learning tuition, you can enhance your quality of education as you have options to go through the teaching method as many times as you want to, irrespective of what time and place you choose.


No doubt, you have attended classroom study earlier. You’re also familiar with the fact this traditional study requires scheduled timings.

In compare, flexibility is the key when it comes to the online freelance tutor. Teachers give you the opportunity to attend class as per your requirement – while traveling or late at night or early in the morning.

Isn’t it suitable for you?

Live Video

Video has been around for decades. With the e-learning option, you can communicate with your teachers and find the solutions for your problem in any subjects. You can also access some old videos related to your course. Many e-learning institutions and teachers provide their students the opportunity to talk to their teachers through live video.

Cheaper Study Materials

As I have experienced, when you choose an online teaching method, you will be provided with most of the classroom materials. In many cases, you can also replace the need for the textbooks. You can access as many copies as you need because these files are always available.

With that, you don’t need to go to the library or buy expensive books for permanent that you’ll hardly use after the course is over.

Training Completion & Effectiveness

Tracking classroom training completion isn’t possible. But, the online study platform allows you for it. With the e-learning option, you can track the module of teaching that you have completed. You can use learning analytics to track the effectiveness of your eLearning course.

Join Community

For every good student, it is essential that they are on the right track. That’s why good freelance tutors create a community or group so that their students can help one another. Remember your classroom study how you would ask your classmate to clarify the assignment before the teacher would enter the room.

The same kind of assistance is available online. You can join the group or community and discuss any problems. With such a facility in hand, you can be more effective in explaining the assignments to one another than hearing it from the professor, again.

Consequently, if don’t want to attend a traditional class, an online education program is the right approach for you.

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