Give Your Windows the Most Exquisite Look with the Sheer Curtains from Spiffy Spools

Do you constantly raid every home décor site for the epic magnificent look for your windows? Then you’ve landed on the write place because I know the place where you can shop for ultimate opulent look for your windows and simultaneously fit your budget. Spiffy Spools offers an unmatched collection of curtains, wherein you can find the eloquent sheer curtains, blackout curtains, short kitchen and cafes curtains, and many more.


What You Need To Know Of Spiffy Spools

The maker of Spiffy Spools, Arash Khurana, aims at one simple philosophy, which is to manifest a simple (and yet a beloved) dream of every homemaker around the world that is to have a constant and beautiful home. If you spend hours searching for options for an amazing home décor within budget or are hopelessly drawn towards the DIY projects, then you’ll definitely love what they have to offer! They believe that every pretty and timeless thing need not necessarily come with a hefty price tag.

If you’ve ever been to Asia, then you’d know about the enormous talents their overcrowded and busy streets have! The textile manufacturers who work in these bazars transport their goods in large numbers to different parts of America and Europe. These bustling streets gave Spiffy Spools their mighty small team of professionals who master the art of hand sewing and hand crafting perfect window treatments with styles inspired from all corners of the world. With the clean lines and the amazingly sleek finish of the curtains, anyone can praise these professionals who have experience in this field since they’ve stepped into real life!


About The Dainty Sheer Curtains

Let there be light with these delicate sheers! The never out of style are the white sheer curtains. These pretty delicacies are timeless and can work with perfectionism with every décor setting. They can turn out to be amazingly beautiful additions to your already existing furnishings and also maintain your room’s privacy by blocking most of the filtering in the softer light. These white sheers make amazing options when you need dividers for a big room so as to separate spaces without loosing that large room’s openness or flow. This factor comes in handy when you are fitting large rooms, studios or condos.

You can be your own stylist by picking out your desired style from their collection of over thousand fabrics with each having a different texture and style and color, mixing and matching these different styles to get the most exquisite curtain panel for your lovely home. You can also tell them about your expectations, and they will get you the best-suited fabric fitting your budget and suiting your style simultaneously.


Some tips from the expert stylists to make the best of these lovelies

  • Don’t be stingy on the fabrics and go wide with these sheer draperies, because you need more panel than a regular curtain panel so as to achieve a fuller and richer look. A three times fullness factor is recommended for the sheers.
  • You should opt for tallness for the window sheers. Since these sheers allow passing in the light and shapes to filter through, you should definitely consider a ceiling to floor and a wall-to-wall treatment for your windows. This will give your windows a stunning backdrop that will amazingly anchor the room.
  • These window sheers prove to be wonderfully versatile when it comes to layering a window for visual interest. Use these curtains in front of a beautiful roman shade or behind a heavy elegant drapery.


Features of These Sheer Delicacies

  1. The best feature they have is their never fading color, hence these subtle and timeless things last an entire lifetime.
  2. They come in amazingly vibrant colors, ranging from subtle blues and light violets to bold reds, yellows and oranges.
  3. They are provided with a shield at their backsides, which filter the harmful UV rays of the Sun, and hence protect you and your family as well as your furniture from these harsh rays.
  4. They have an unmatched wide variety of curtains and tops, may it be the single and double pinch pleats, grommet tops, or any other heading you want in your curtains, you name it and they’ll provide you with it! They offer 14 pleating styles to choose from, so that you don’t have to compromise on having a tailored home style.
  5. These white sheers are a perfect blend of embroidered motif of white and elegance, and hence look opulent on windows.


Headings Offered By Spiffy Spools For These Sheer Drapes

  1. Back Tab Top: gives a laidback and relaxed setting to the room. Perfectly ideal for lighter curtains.
  2. Double pinch pleats: making creases, which are pinched together at the top like a V-shape and flows down elegantly, creates these.
  3. Flat panel tops: the most minimalistic curtain top ever! These tops are made by pinning on all 4 sides and are perfect for a simple yet tailored home décor.
  4. Inverted pleats: a modern and contemporary look for a sumptuous and fuller look. It is formal but yet laidback and are best suited for wide windows.
  5. Goblet pleats: these are hand sewn with a fixed top and pleated at the base to create a design, which is goblet shaped.
  6. Pencil pleats: these are formed by pulling the cords of the tops and wound around a cord to keep them in place.


Dispatch And Delivery Services

They charge nothing for their shipping and have a delivery service to all parts of the world. One you complete your payment process, you will receive the bill on your email id confirming the order from their side. The curtains are dispatched within a week of order confirmation and reach you within five days after the dispatch.

Look them up at website and you’ll be pleased to look at the wide variety of colors, textures and styles to choose from! Give your room the revamp with these beautiful sheer curtains delicacies.

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