Electric Bike Insights That You Never Had!

When someone hears about the electric bicycle, the first image they get is of scooter or an electric motorcycle. But they are very different. To get an idea of how an electric bike look likes, imagine a regular bicycle and then add several components to it. It may be a battery, a controller or other devices which are all integrated into the bicycle. These parts make the very fundamental of all the cycles in the market.

How Do These Bikes Work?

They work more like normal bikes and have bikes, pedal and handle just like a regular bike. The electric bike makes use of the same parts. These components are meant to enhance the human power and not to replace it altogether. Here are the key components of the bike:

The Motor

  • Front Hub Motor- It fits well into the center of the front wheel. As the drive is in the front wheel so when you are steering, it provides a feel of front drive wheel car.
  • Rear Hub Motor- You can find it in the mid-range models, and they are more sophisticated as they have to interact with gears and other parts at the rear of the bike. As they are placed at the rear, so these motors improve the traction which gives riders a better grip on the road surface.
  • Central Drive Motor- It is a higher end electric bike motor which is mounted into the frame. They took your motion through the pedals and added to the end which directs all the energy through the drive system. The bike remains stable as well because it is under the center of the balance and low on the bike it will not affect your stability as well. In this way, you feel more like a normal bike.

The Battery

As the battery affects the weight, style and the range, so you need to be careful about the bike. The batteries play a huge role in how the bikes work. In the marketplace, you can easily find two kinds of batteries:

  • Lead Acid- These batteries were once the standard for most two-wheelers which are present in the market.  You can find these batteries being used in the scooters while the electric bikes have opted for the latest technologies to keep the bike’s weight at its minimum. Although these batteries are inexpensive, they are heavy and bulky and offer a shorter riding range. But they have a shorter life-span of and need more maintenance. You may need to charge them immediately after the use.
  • Lithium- They is the latest technology when it comes to battery. They usually have a lifetime which is roughly 2-3 time that of a lead-acid battery. They are light-weight and have high capacity and offer a more extended riding range.  You can travel up to 40 miles in pedal assist mode. The batteries have a longer lifespan as well.

The Controller

They are available in many styles, and the controller lets you operate the electric assistance in on your bike and is important of how electric bikes work.  The controller is located on the handlebar so that you can use it easily. More often you can find two kinds of controllers: the pedal activated and the throttle-based ones.

Operating the Bike

You can operate the bike in the pedal the only mode, or you can operate the bike in the pedal assist mode as well.

In the End

When you are buying an e-bike, you should pay attention to the various parts like the electric bike motor, battery, and the controller. It will ensure that you get the best one.

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