Electric Bike Conversion Kit: FAQs Answered

Are you looking for an affordable electric-bike? The good news is you can convert your ordinary bike into an electric bike! You just need electric bike conversion kit.

However, if it is your first time with electric bike kits, you may have many unanswered questions. Let us find their answers.

Is electric bike conversion kit easy to install?

Yes, in general, they are easy to install on regular bikes. Most of the parts fit directly on regular bikes without any further modifications. Of course, you will need some basic tools, like screwdrivers, align keys, etc.

A front wheel conversion is easier to install than rear one as a rear wheel conversion will need to realign your gearing which means some technical work. But, as detailed installation instruction is provided with kits, you will be able to complete conversion by yourself.

Is my bike fit to be converted?

Most of the electric bike conversion kits can be fitted to most bikes, without any hassles. Some bike may need additional work to ensure that every part fits. Your main focus should be enough clearance between your forks to accommodate your electric motor. You need at least 100mm between front forks and 135mm near rear forks.

Which conversion kit is best?

There is no hard and fast definition of an e-bike conversion kit. It all depends on your needs. In general, a 250W conversion kit is popular for road use. If you want an e-bike suitable to hill climbing, a 500W kit will be more suitable as it has double the torque power than 250W. A 1000W conversion kit allows bikers to achieve 35mph.

What is the significance of suspension in an e-bike?

When choosing a bike with suspension, it is necessary to make sure that it works. Cheap suspension bikes are not better than non-suspension bikes. Also, rear suspension bikes can limit your options for installing the battery. So, plan ahead if you are starting with rear suspension bike.

Though mechanism differs from one bicycle to another, rear suspensions are adjustable.  Look the manual of your bicycle for specifications.

As a thumb rule, suspension is not required to install an e-bike conversion kit. If it is your first e-bike, you should better start with a bicycle without suspension as it will simplify the conversion process and will also come at a lower price.

What type of bike is fit for conversion?

The most important factors to remember when choosing an e-bike is – strong frame. A steel frame is more appropriate for e-bike conversions. Avoid carbon fiber and aluminum bikes. Such types of the frame usually are not sturdy enough to withstand extra stress applied to bikes. At the end, comfort is the essential feature you must not forget. You will be spending a lot of time with saddle and pedaling in comparison to an ordinary bike. So, ensure that everything feels good. You can upgrade the saddle as it is the most affordable way to enhance the comfort of an e-bike.

Your first electric bicycle conversion doesn’t mean that it will be your last. You will have plenty of time to make upgrades whenever you need them.

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