Best Hosting: What Matters the Most?

When you are just starting to have a web presence, you will surely not want to spend too much on it. The reason, you don’t know what’s the best web hosting is and what features it should have. Let’s explore the things in more depth in the order of their utility:

What The Hosting Plan Offers?

You should look closely at these things first before choosing the plan first:

Linux or Windows

A site that has been created on ASP or ASP.NET will need to be hosted on a Windows Server. If you have a website that is on PHP can run on the Linux hosting environment.


The web server on which your site is hosted can be located within India or outside India. You need to choose an appropriate hosting location depending on the business and regulatory requirement.


When you go for hosting you will get hard-disk space on the web server to upload the files of your website. Even the most basic plan offers storage space more than 20GB.

Transfer Bandwidth

When your website is accessed by the visitors on the internet, data will be transferred from the web-server. The transfer bandwidth should be so much that your site can handle a few thousand visitors.


You will not like to go for email hosting simply because it will add to the cost. So it is good to have them bundled in the hosting plan itself. Just look at the hosting plan details before subscribing it.

SSL Certificate

You may not know what it is at the beginning. Having an SSL certificate adds a level of security to the data that is transferred over the internet between your site and the visitor. For instance, you plan for an e-commerce site. It means that the buyers can make the payment on your site. In a scenario, the credit/details related data is transferred over the internet. Will, you do not like to make ensure data security? With SSL certificate you are just guaranteeing this! Besides, Google ranks “HTTPS” sites higher than the “HTTP” ones.

Programming Language and Database Support

The next thing you should look into the hosting plan is programming languages that are supported. With Linux hosting, you can get the support for PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, SSH, and MySQL Databases.

Domain Services

When you go for a hosting provider, you should look at the distributed DNS infrastructure. It will result in better responses. Then you if want to create sub-domains, you should be able to do so, and there should be ample email accounts to handle your business operations.

Email Services

The emails that are provided should be accessible from any device. It will make sure that you are capable of accessing the device from anywhere.

Applications Available

A large number of websites are these days hosted on applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. Therefore it is mandatory to have the desired application in the hosting plan.

Web Acceleration

If you want to make sure that your website a high-speed one then the hosting provider should offer web acceleration. It ensures that the site will be able very high traffic and will be able to load pages exponentially fast by caching the website content.  

Tech Support

Can you imagine the best web hosting without great tech support? You should take a look at the support that is provided over the phone, chat, and email. This support should be available round the clock!


These are the key factors that you should keep in mind before choosing the best web hosting provider.

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