Things to Know About Insurance Continuing Education in California

Are you planning on starting a new career? Don’t worry. You are not alone. There are many like you in California who is struggling to start their career. You should go for continuing education programs online if you are interested to work in the insurance industry. There are plenty of continuing education programs online you can choose to pursue. This type of education is designed particularly for those individuals who are on a lookout for making a career as an agent, broker or underwriter in the insurance industry.

The California Insurance Continuing Education varies from one state to other. Reason being, every state has its own guidelines. But, it’s not difficult to choose a suitable program to continue your insurance guidelines. There are many institutions that provide Insurance Continuing Education in California.

About Insurance Continuing Education

The whole curriculum of the continuing education course is designed keeping in mind to update candidates with current policies, plans, and insurance products. So, it helps increase their productivity levels. No matter which state you are from, it is important for you to have a valid state license to promote insurance business in a legal way.

In general, the program involves plenty of niche programs, which include financial services, risk management and several other insurance programs for business owners and managers. Indeed, you can also choose the insurance continuing education in California based on the current position you hold in your organizations as the program is a must to retain your insurance license.

In most of the states, it’s mandatory for insurance professionals and agents to undergo annual or biannual refresher courses. However, this can be different, depending on your existing certification and the state that you want to work in. Most often, insurance professionals pursue the course in order for protecting their existing licenses.

Online insurance continuing education programs

With the online technology, it’s easy for insurance professionals and agents to pursue the course. You can find several websites that offer continuing education programs to aspirants. However, you need to go for only the reputed and well established one. Most of the insurance programs and courses are designed to cover plenty of aspects of the insurance industry, including:

  • Commercial Lines
  • Personal Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Life And Health Insurance
  • And many others

Besides them, you can also find courses that cover legal education on ethics and flood insurance.

In a number of states, more and more people opt for choosing their tests online. Similarly, in other states such as California, the process of the program is divided into numerous segments. Some of them are compulsory insurance courses whereas a few are discretionary.

When compared with the traditional mode of learning, the online insurance continuing education is more economical and viable. Online is more cost friendly because they don’t cost you much and at the time they are very convenient to pursue. Flexible timing, affordable fees are the two major benefits of the online course. It allows you to study at your own comfort; you can choose your own timings to study different aspects of the insurance business.

A lot of people leave their regular classes in the lurch just to move to the online platform as they are unable to get along with the timings of their local insurance centers.


It’s important to know that every state has its own requirements when we discuss continuing insurance education.  So, when you plan to apply for a course, make sure it is approved by the state’s Department of Insurance. The process of insurance continuing education differs from state to state.

In conclusion, since you want to start a career, you should pursue a career in the insurance industry. However, it is also important for you to choose a course which as the potential to advance your career further.

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