7 Questions to Ask Before Opting for an E-Bike

Why should I buy an e-bike in the first place? Electric bikes are excellent and environment-friendly option to travel for the errands, for mild exercise and to visit your office if it is nearby. Here are some questions that you need to ask before deciding on any of the best electric bikes in the UK:


Where Can You Ride The Bike?

You should treat the electric bike as a regular bike. There are hardly any restrictions on where you can ride the bike, and you can ride an electrically assisted bike anywhere you ride the regular bike. Whether you want to use them for road commuting or want to go out for mountain biking, you can use the electric bikes.


Do You Need a License to Ride An Electric Bike?

No! You will not need a license to ride an e-bike if it meets doesn’t exceed the specific limitations of the speed. If you need a higher speed bike than as detailed in EU law, then you will need a license. Rest all e-bikes can be used anywhere without the need for a license.


How Long Will It Take Recharge The Battery?

The charging time mainly depends on the type of battery you have. Most bikes which you come across these days come with lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are getting recharged quickly as compared to the others on the market. A 400Wh pack usually takes about 3.5 hours to recharge to the full capacity from the zero charge state. You will find that the battery will charge to almost 80% in nearly one and a half hour, but it is the remaining 20% which charges slowly.


How Should You Maintain the Battery?

If you use your electric bike frequently, then your batteries will get exhausted after their shelf-life. However, if you are not using your e-bike frequently or are leaving the battery empty for longer durations, then you may end up spoiling the battery rather quickly.  A better thing would be to charge your battery after regular intervals.


Does The Electric Bike Re-Charge While Pedal?

 An e-bike will not get recharged when you are pedaling. Some manufacturers advertise that the bikes regenerate while braking or going downhill. It is not a useful feature, and the gains are not significant at all.


Will The E-Bike Come With A Throttle?

Most e-bikes don’t come fitted with a throttle although there are some Chinese bikes or a moped may have it. In all the bikes there are crank drive motors and an accelerator which is usually not there.


How Fast Can An Electric Bike Go?

Even the best electric bikes in the UK are governed by law to be sold with a limit of 15mph. But you can pedal the bike to get higher speeds. Although you will be using your pedaling power as the assistance will be there until 15mph.


In the End

When you satisfactory answer to these questions and others like these, you will have the best electric bikes in the UK.

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