7 Common Myths of Free Website Hosting You Can’t Overlook

No doubt, free website hosting tempts every business – be it start-ups or established ones. Interestingly, many web hosting companies in India are offering free website hosting plans these days. But, not every business would like to buy these plans.

What can be the reasons? Why are people not opting for free web hosting plans?

It’s undoubtedly due to some common misconceptions.

Check out this list of most common myths about free web hosting services in India.

Free Web Hosting is Great for Small businesses

Free web hosting plans are expensive for companies of every type and size. It can negatively carry an impact on your site in several ways such as slow load times, poor page appearance, risks of shutting your website, unprofessional web address, old site building tools. All these can lead to creating the poor user experience, adversely impacting your website rankings and conversion rates. So saying that free web hosting is good for small businesses or start-ups is wrong.

Free Web Hosting is 100% Free

Hardly anything in this corporate world is available for free. The hosting providers that work on a freemium business model generally offer its customer limited free versions. This means that you will soon be asked by the hosting provider to upgrade to the premium versions of web hosting solutions. It’s important to read the terms and conditions of the company before going to use the free web hosting services.

Free Service Is Safe

Most of the web hosting services available for free in India don’t come with SSL unless you choose to upgrade the plan to the premium version. So, hackers can easily steal your information like phone number, names, address, passwords, etc. A website without SSL is not encrypted. When your site is secure with SSL, you can protect the integrity and confidentiality of data.

Without SSL certificate, your site will also have a poor reputation both in the eyes of users as well as search engines. It will lead to adversely affecting your website, brand and online visibility.

Same Monetization Opportunities Available with Free Web Hosts

Choosing free website hosting services in India can prevent you from getting the best out of your website. In general, many free service providers run their ads or add affiliate links to your website. Therefore, you cannot make the most out of your site.

The most common concepts of every free web hosting service provider are that you are unable to sell your website or transfer it to a third person because it’s their property, not yours. In addition, many free service providers can reduce your ability to monetize your blog.

Paid Web Hosts Are Expensive

This is not true. A good web host is not very expensive. If you aim to grow your business and earn profits, then going for paid web hosting services is an excellent value for money.

For example, web hosting companies in India providing paid hosting service can offer you money back guarantee, 24/7 support, 99.9% uptime, and faster load times and so on. The most significant benefit is that you can stay focused on your business without worrying about your site.

Free Web Hosts can back up Your Website

No, it’s wrong. Most free versions of hosting services don’t come with a backup option. Maybe, some company can provide you with limited backup space. This means that you will be left with no way to restore your website during a malware attack, server failure or disaster.

Free Web Hosts come with E-commerce Features

If you want to open an online store on a free web hosting platform, think twice. Most free web hosting companies don’t provide their customers with database access. So, it’s not possible to run an e-commerce store. Also, the free hosting providers don’t support SSL3 features that are essential for an e-commerce website.

Free Web Hosting Companies Build their Own Data Centers

Do not believe this unless the hosting provider explicitly mentions it. If the data centers are not reliable, you might risk losing your data. The chances of your website to get hacked are more. You will find it extremely difficult, or many times impossible, to recover your data. A company with paid hosting solution comes with full command over their data center, servers, and hardware. They can ensure an added level of protection.

A number of companies are providing free web hosting services in India. Buying their services is easy. It’s, therefore, essential to go through the terms and conditions or read the fine print of them and ask a few questions about the things you find in the terms and conditions.

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