5 Things You Need To Set-Up Your Website

Do you want to harness the immense capability of the internet to grow your business? If your answer is ‘YES,’ the first thing that you need is a website. But setting a website which can deliver the results you expect needs a lot of attention and here is how you can go about it:


1. First you need a Domain Name

It is the first thing that you need you wants to set-up the website. A .CO domain for startups is the right choice if you are a private limited company or a budding corporate. The Co. is the acronym for the company. Besides, the top level domain that you have, you will need an easy to remember domain name so that your site can easily be accessed with it, e.g., www.sitedomainname.co”.


2. Then You Need a Business Email

Are you serious about your business? You should have a business email address. Here is the reason for the same:

It is straightforward to guess that the latter ones look more credible and trustworthy and when you are just starting up, it becomes all the more important to have a professional looking business email. So, when you reach out to a web-hosting service provider, you should make sure that you are getting enough free email ids to meet all the needs perfectly.


3. Pick the Right Web Hosting Next

If you are starting to have a website, you may not have much idea about the various hosting options. Well, the time is now, and let’s have a detailed look:

  • Shared Hosting- It is the most basic form of hosting, and if you are starting a blog or an informative site, you should choose shared hosting. You can quickly get an inexpensive plan to start with. But when the traffic grows beyond a certain point, the page load may slow down. The reason is that in a shared hosting server, there are thousands of other sites that are hosted amongst which the resources of the server are shared.
  • VPS Hosting- Virtual private server hosting is better than shared hosting. Your website in this form of hosting is on a virtual server, and the computing resources of the ‘virtual server’ are meant for your site only!
  • Cloud Hosting- This form of hosting is used by internet giants like “Google.” The main reason behind its popularity is instant fail-over. It means even if the server on which your website is hosted fails, there is another server in the cloud network to take its place.
  • Dedicated Server- This form of is most suitable when the traffic on the site has grown substantially. And you have some custom applications that you want to install on the server. In this hosting, you will get a dedicated server with complete root control. You will be able to install or uninstall any application that you like.


4. Create a Website and Host!

Once you chose the right domain name with the best hosting, you are ready to host the site. Most hosting providers offer free website builder using which you can create a basic website in no time.


5. Finally, Track Success with Google Analytics

Now you are ready to track success with Google Analytics to find out the details to the visitors of the site.  It will give you an analysis about what your visitors are looking for when they come to your site.


In the End

With .CO domain for startups readily available, you can put your site hosting in place in no time and get the site live immediately!

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