5 SEM Tips To Grow Your Customer Base!

To increase your sales, you need to raise the organic traffic that your brand gets. This is where search engine marketing Melbourne comes into the picture. Search Engine Marketing, commonly referred to as paid search, is a protocol that is followed to increase the number of people visiting a website.

From the team at WordStream, a nice visualization on how the AdWords auction works. In other words, there is more to this than just inputting the credit card, selecting a few keywords, and putting in your daily spend limit (although Google would like you to think otherwise)

Below is an Info graph on  How the AdWords Auction Works?

How the AdWords Auction Works

Source: WordStream

5 Top SEM Tips

The following list consists of five experimentally proven SEM tips to increase your website traffic:

1. Know your customers, grow your customers!

The first and foremost is the factor of growing your horizon and for that, you need to grow your customer base by knowing what they actually need. Following are some questions that you can find the answers to for getting to know a bit more about your customers:

  • Where is your target customer base located?
  • What medium do they use, i.e., Mobile phones, laptops, desktops, etc.?
  • What keywords do people use when searching for your service (or a similar one)?
  • At what time does the customer want your service or product?
  • What customer need do you fulfill by providing your service or product?

Here  is the list of steps you can take by using the answers to the questions that are mentioned above:

  • Initiate Campaigns
  • Make Ad copies
  • Build Ad groups that target various types of potential customers with respective keywords
  • Build a more interactive Landing Page

2. Set trends

There are various ad platforms available that let you use tools which help you in knowing what device to bid on, when to bid and where to bid. Using this information you can show your ad to your potential customers.

These tools help you financially by saving your money during your SEM campaigns by narrowing your search down to potential customers.

3. The Perfect campaign

An effective campaign is a well-researched. First, you need to choose whether you need to distinguish your campaigns based on category, theme or goals.

If you are distinguishing your campaigns by goals, then you will need to tone your ad groups, ads and website landing pages according to the set goal. There can be various goals; the most common goals are listed below:

  • Drive search towards your brand website
  • Increase foot traffic
  • Create awareness about your business

On the other hand, if you are more inclined towards the theme or category, you will need to replicate your website navigation in your business campaign. It can be done by creating a separate campaign for each product category and an ad group for each subcategory of the products.

4. Stay on track

Targeting features of Bing ads and other similar search advertising domains can be used to specifically target potential customers most probable of buying your product or services.

Ads can be targeted geographically, age-wise, based on the kind of device used or based on the gender of the people. For example, you can narrow down your search to the parents of your local area if you are a diaper company. It will not only be financially rewarding but also time-efficient.

5. Measured Results

You can get statistically proven results from SEM and can tone your campaign according to the results found. Real-time data can be extracted from SEM if utilized in a proper fashion.

Here are some of the results that can be recorded using SEM:

  • The number of persons clicking on your ads
  • Pages visited on your website
  • Number of downloaded forms or clicked links
  • The duration of stay on your website

The above information can be used to produce effective campaigns that give fast and cost-efficient results.

If you want to increase your traffic and consequently your sales, search engine marketing Melbourne is the best service provider available.


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