5 Points To Consider While Selecting A Project Collaboration Tool

Collaboration apps come in many forms. Some offer simple messaging; some offer conferencing capabilities; and some provide telephony as well.

A simple search on the internet can throw many apps to the fore. But how do you choose the right app for yourself? Here are some points you must consider while looking for one:

Point # 1 Must Support Existing Communication Methods

Communication is at the center of project collaboration. You and your team might be using certain kinds of tools like telephone or instant messaging. So, the next tool you adopt must be able to support these existing ways so that the natural instinct to conduct these tasks remains the same. The only change being that it could all be done from within one app, thus making the transition smoother. This would ensure fewer hiccups in using new technology.

Point # 2 Integrated Messaging

Collaborating on a project is easier when a file is created by a team member and others can work on the same project or drop messages to their peers. So, the app must allow team members to send one-to-one instant messages. Given the inherent latency of emails, instant messaging is preferred for live communication and instantaneous resolution of issues. Make sure that any app you choose – whether paid or free – offers such features.

Point # 3 Group Messaging

Managing projects means delegating tasks to teams. Traditionally, there have been many apps that supported messaging. But the need of the hour is for apps that allow team members to communicate instantly so that they work as a cohesive unit. Members must be able to join chat rooms rather easily, and they should be able to chat as well. The app must also maintain the logs of the chat so that discussions may be referred to later on.

Point # 4 Sharing Files

Gone are the days when emails were used to send files. As collaboration apps are gaining momentum, files are more often than not shared during a live discussion. So, when you are looking for an effective app to use in a project, make sure that it lets you send files and maintains a log of communication as well.

Point # 5 Video Conferencing

Earlier, you needed separate hardware to make video calls. But unified collaboration apps are doing away with this need. So, do ensure that the app you choose to make your project successful offers this feature as well.

In The End

These are the key points that you must consider while shortlisting project collaboration apps but there may be others as well. Try a few apps and you will find the one that best fits your requirements.

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