4 Ways Team Chat Apps can Augment Team Productivity

Technology at the workplace is constantly changing the way teams interact and even the work that gets done. Internal messaging and various chat apps are all the craze, surpassing even emails as the way team communicate within an organization. There is no question that team chat apps have transformed the way we work. Schedule-in person or conference calls were done in order to get immediate answers to the questions, or brainstorming ideas. Instead, everyone now can see and respond to, through team chat apps.

Here are listed ways to make team chat apps work in your favor to safeguard the engagement of your employees, thus augmenting team productivity. In order to get more from your team chat app, look for a service that gives you access to a wide range of features including:

Encouraging Individuality

What can make employees feel more engaged? Obviously when employees bring their authentic selves to work. Employees are not mere employees, they are much more than their job titles. Team chat apps offer an eccentric platform where employees can share their personal interests on a daily basis, thus allowing seamless communication in topic based rooms. Gone are the days of organizing an in-office meeting. Employees must be encouraged to create their own chatroom’s that reflect their passion after office hours also.

Meeting Schedulers

For instance, if we talk about the project managers or someone who needs to schedule meetings, having access to a meeting scheduler app or the team chat app can help in planning chats, calls and in-person meetings easier. Having the power to witness your team’s entire calendar in one location makes it easy to plan the follow-up discussions.

Become more Accessible

When employees have questions about the things that affect their engagement such as advantages, and career development, team chat apps can be a great place for them to discuss this so that they can easily contact others without any hesitation.  Employees can get quick answers and can schedule one on one talks. Moreover, having access to these platforms enables an employee to build essential trust and become more approachable.

File Collaboration

There are some chat tools that enable you to open your files and work on them simultaneously with others in real time. The benefit of this feature is to make sure that all the ideas and updates have been incorporated, and gives everyone in the team chat the opportunity to review important documents and  get quicker feedback as well. Hence, all your communication about a file is stored in one place itself.

The team chat app enables you to connect with those you work with, no matter who you are in a building or anywhere outside. Features like document collaboration and group calling services make the team chat apps can be much more useful. What matters is that you choose the right team chat app for your organization and choose the one from a company with a proven history and commitment to innovation.

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