4 Mistakes to Avoid in Marketing Translation

Marketing mistakes in translation can be very damaging to your brand. And if you are trying to reach out to an international audience, then it becomes all the more important to make sure that the translations you get are accurate. Here are some mistakes which should be avoided to get better translations:


1. Going for one-to-one translations

Let’s understand it this way; you are an organization which has its presence in US and UAE, and after tapping UAE market, you want to reach out to US market. Will the information that you were rendering to the audience in this market will be the same for US audience. People hardly need the information expressed in the same way. Unless the text is legal or technical, you will need to change the content to send the right message to the audience. You should be very clear with what you need in each section and should keep the audience perspective in mind to make sure that the final text is meeting the demands of the audience in the US market.


2. Making Assumptions about Native Speakers as Translators

You will surely not want anyone to write the marketing copy for you. If you are hiring a native speaker to do the job for you, think again.  Has the native speaker whom you have tasked to deliver is still a resident of UAE. You need to realize that translations and copywriting are skills and that is why it is crucial to find people with the right experience. If you are hiring a translator for the job, it is better to be sure about his abilities and the style. If you have to pay for the sample, it is worth doing it.


3. Not Hiring a Translation Company

If you are based out of US, you should be hiring an Arabic translation service in the USA. A translation agency that has been in business for long will have access to more qualified translators. They may also have the needed applications to which can make them more consistent.  Another advantage of having them is that they can handle a wide variety of projects and can deliver them on schedule. You should be selecting an agency that is reputed and has a quality assurance mechanism in place which covers the Arabic language.


4. Not Providing Enough Information to Translators

If you have not provided the needed information about the project, then you should not expect the results as required. A good translator will always ask for the information that he needs the most. But if there is any specific information which you need to provide, then you should. A good thing would be let the translator know where the document will be published, who will be the audience and what the goals of the text are.  You should also apprise the translator about any style specifications that are there.



If you can avoid these mistakes in getting Arabic translation service in the USA, your marketing translations will be more accurate and relevant to the audience.

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