3 Things to Consider When You Are Hiring a Cannabis Accountant

With marijuana business increasing by the day the cannabis industry has witnessed high growth. If you are in this business, you need a Cannabis bookkeeper to handle things professionally. A good accountant is as essential for a business like any other key employee. However, if you feel that you are not able to pay attention to things, then you can outsource accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation to save the time and money. But you need an accountant who is an expert in the cannabis industry and here are some benefits that are there:



When you have an experienced accountant who is well aware of taxation law, he keeps you ahead of time and plans for you as well.  An accounting firm can help you in bookkeeping and also file for the government as well. They help you stick to professional standards which can’t be taken care of the internal management team.


Help You Save Time

In the cannabis business, the tax forms and other filing necessities are involved, and a person who doesn’t have the needed experience will end up wasting time. When you outsource, the various financing aspects can be taken care of the by the firm which capable of doing it.


You Can Save Money As Well

Proper accounting is well beyond the collecting the receipts. The accountants know all the laws and procedures, and the possible tax deductions. They will help in saving money you could not have known, and they also make sure that everything is as per the law.


You can focus on the business

If you are a small business, then your employees will be handling many roles. It might save some salary, but it has inherent inefficiencies. And when you seek the accounting help, you are freeing your people who can focus on growing the business.

Here are some things that you need to keep in mind when you are hiring a cannabis accounting firm:


1. Expertise

Will you hire someone who is not from the Cannabis industry?  Besides other laws, a cannabis accountant has to understand the details of IRC 280E and its application to the cannabis industry. In US cannabis is a controlled substance by law and the IRS can use this classification to stop the company from making the deduction and claiming the expenses that are considered as ordinary in other business. These may be rent, advertising, and employee salaries. The cannabis companies may end up paying higher taxes.


2. Motivation

There may be numerous providers that are there, but the marijuana accounting provider that you are willing to work with should be motivated to work with you. Many providers don’t work with the businesses in the cannabis industry. Then some accountants are not sure how to deal with an abundance of cash transactions and the use of the cryptocurrency that can impact the taxes. It is why they avoid the industry.  Not just accountants, even banks don’t know much about the industry so hardly a few of them are working with this industry.


3. Technology Used

Accounting in almost every industry makes use of the software to manage the business.  An experienced accountant upgrades himself to make sure that they are using the latest technology to deliver the results. So the cannabis accountant who is in the industry for long should be making use of the latest technologies for the tasks.



When you are hiring a cannabis bookkeeper, you should make sure that he is well aware of the cannabis industry and has been rendering its services to a few clients as well.

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