13 Interesting Facts You Should Know Before Adopting a Baby

We are all God’s children. If one indulges in children’s adoption, one has the greatest gestures of humanity. Fostering an orphan not only gives him/her a loving and caring family, it also completes the family in a way which is really incredible.

In this blog, we are going to share 13 interesting facts about adoption.

Popular adopted people

There are many people who have been adopted either by their relatives or strangers. These adopted people don’t need any introduction as their name is enough to know who they are. The people are Steve Jobs, Frances McDormand, Debbie Harry, Nicole Richie, Jack Nicholson (by his grandparents), Melissa Gilbert, Jamie Foxx and many others.

Medical record

Couples adopting internationally may hardly have access to child’s medical record like possible parental exposures to alcohol, family medical history, etc. In contrast, for domestic adaption, couples can have access to more detailed medical record. They can have the social history of the birth parents.

White Babies vs Black Babies

Many white Americans are reluctant to adopt black babies. They prefer to adopt an international white baby than adopting a black baby at home. White couples are not aware of the fact that black babies are readily available.

Christian Adoption Agency

Christian Adoption Agency comes to play a great role when it comes to assist couple wanting to adopt a baby. The agency provides many services to execute all the formalities involved. They take the entire responsibilities off your shoulders.

Babies, toddlers, girls, boys

American couples give preference to adopt babies and girls rather than toddlers and boys. Besides, they also prefer Caucasians to African Americans. For rest, they depend on skin color.

Why adopt children

There are many reasons. But most of the American parents adopt due to infertility.

Who become adoptive parents?

The largest majority of couples adopting children are those have been married for three years or more than that. However, same-sex parent, single-parent adopting is also gaining popularity.

US tops in Adoption

The USA is believed to adopt more children than the rest of the world. The parents there adopt children not only from abroad, but also from their own country.

LGBT adoption

When a child is adopted by gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons, it is said to be LGBT adoption. The legal status of LGBT adoption varies by jurisdiction.

First modern adoption

The first modern adoption law was enacted in 1851 and it was the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that first made the modern adoption of a child.

Safe haven laws

It is a type of law of the USA, which allows parents to leave infants in hospitals, fire departments, or police stations within a few days of birth anonymously. Some Christian Adoption Agency considers these laws to be very dangerous.


Some terms such as “natural mother” or “first mother” used for the purpose of describing adoption are charged frequently, and have changed to be less offensive. To take an example, the terms “first mother” or “natural mother” are now called “birth mother.”

Controlling adoption laws in the US

It is the states that enact and monitor the adoption laws in the US. Therefore, the laws can be a quite different from one state to another. It can be modified too. If you want to adopt a baby, you need to do your homework and know the current changing trends. Moreover, if you are adopting an abroad child, you may need professional help for navigation the convoluted foreign procedures. Therefore, it is good to contact a Christian Adoption Agency.


The aforesaid facts give you the real picture of the children adoption. It is said that those children growing up in adoptive households have better chance to become well-adjusted and happy adults.

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