10 Tips to Find the Best Domain Name in 2018

As everyone is taking to the internet is the best platform for business, it is important to ensure that you are set up the right way if you plan to follow suit or perform an overhaul of your business identity or brand. The most important decision you can ever make that will resonate with your entire online existence is the name that you choose for yourself otherwise known as the domain name.

Your domain name is your identity which is what people use when they look for you online. It is also utilized in the creation of your email ID and drives all your branding and marketing efforts. It is thus important to ensure that you select the right domain name that sits well with your business and goals.  Here are 10 Tips on how to find the Best Domain Name.

#1. Easy To Commit to Memory

Your domain name must not require any effort in committing it to memory.  A term that has been coined in this respect which best describes this is ‘short and sweet’.  You can only achieve this feat by keeping it short and catchy. The more letters you add to the name the further you get from a great choice.

#2. Unique

In everything that you do in business, it is important to seek a separation from the rest of the players. It is only by setting up yourself as a unique player that you can build a culture around your operations. This is the same with your domain name which must be unique as to set you apart as a distinct entity not to be confused with any other.

#3. Steer Away From Copyright Infringement

You must desist from using copyrighted or trademarked phrases for your domain name. A number of free tools exist on the internet that can help you verify the originality of your domain name choices. Among the many available checkers, some of the commonly used include copyright.gov and the Patents and Trademark Office Checker.  Never skip this step!

#4. Domain Tool Use

There are a number of domain name tools for free as well. These are well placed to help you in your search for name options as they can generate countless names based on a prepared list, keywords etc. some of the tools include Domain Groovy and Dot-o-mator.

#5. Relevant Keyword Inclusion

Although the inclusion of a relevant keyword in your domain name no longer has any effect on your ranking, it still makes perfect sense as a way to make all your first time visitors aware of the nature of business that you are involved in.

#6. Keep Out Punctuation and Numbers

Reputable URLs never feature numbers or punctuation such as hyphens. They are simply plain text which ensures that you don’t suffer from traffic loss to other sites. The only exception to this practice must be if the name of your company includes a number. Most people searching for you company will simply input plain text which will result in the traffic being directed elsewhere.

#7. Jot Down Your Preferred Name and Read It Many Times before Acquiring It

It is a common occurrence to have a lot of possible meanings being derived from words that have been put together. There is no spacing when it comes to URLs so you need to make sure that everything still sounds right when put in the URL format.

#8. Acquire Similar Domains and Utilize Them as Redirects

There will always be a few other domains that sound too close to your own for comfort. Any person who purchases such domains will get all your lost traffic and may even scoop the majority of your clients. By buying such domains and using them for redirects yourself you will not only be protecting your business but also make sure that you get all the lost traffic that might be due to the presence of a slight error in the client’s spelling. The cost of maintaining these domains is absolutely nothing compared to the investment that you have made in your business.

#9. Pay Close Attention to the Domain Extensions

You must avoid the temptation to save an insignificant amount of money by going for a .net extension instead of the good old .com. there are special establishment that may require a .org or .biz extension but in general a .com will work well for you.

#10. Be Unambiguous

Your domain name should leave nothing to the imagination concerning your identity and business. Vague domain names might have an inconsequential advantage of giving you more traffic but you need to stay true to your real market.

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